Nightwood: Rough-Hewn, Homespun, And Beautiful

Together, Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron, both Brooklynites for the last 13 years, constitute Nightwood (Djuna Barnes represent!), a Williamsburg-based furniture-making company. Working mostly in wood, their tables, chairs, and desks evoke an earlier era in the neighborhood, with rough joinery and exposed details that echo ad-hoc loft construction; their textiles have a post-industrial, almost post-apocalyptic, homespun feel. “We have a great love of old things,” Yaron tells us, “and we wanted to recreate the look and history of old, rustic pieces that have a handmade quality and feel to them.” It’s like they squatted their showroom and filled it with furniture—and it is beautiful. 111 Grand Street