5 Bike Trips You Should Take Tomorrow

#1. Fort Tilden Queens, 1.5 Hours, 19 Miles

As you can see, we love Fort Tilden, precisely because it’s not super-easy to get to. Pack a ton of water and pack to patch a flat so, you know, you’ll be able to get to where you’re going. What to bring: tube patch, tire irons, adjustable wrench, hand pump.

#2. Sterling Lake Warwick, NY, 5 Hours, 50 Miles

Sterling Forest State Park is one of the most pristine natural sanctuaries near New York City, and with a bait-and-tackle shop directly en route, you can grill up the day’s catch at Beaver Campground, a few miles up the road. Pack plenty of food (aka fuel) and a spare tube in case you nab a slow-leaker that won’t quit; and out here, maps are a must. What to bring: Trail mix, energy bars, maps and road atlas, spare tubes, CO2 pump.

#3. Philadelphia 10 Hours, 100 Miles

Philly for a cheesesteak, or Philly for the Mets vs. Phillies series. Boast about how you got there in between heckling. “Yes, I rode my bike. Really didn’t take that long either.” It’s not as far as you think. You’ll wanna pack tools at this distance; also rain gear, allen key set, spoke wrench, chainring tool and spare links, chain lube.

#4. Montauk, Long Island, 15 Hours, 145 Miles

Ride to Montauk hosts an annual all-day tour to the eastern tip of Long Island.
Though certainly not impossible, getting there from New York in one straight shot is
quite a feat. Skip the $80-250 cover charge and split the ride over two days. Pack a
tent, play Survivorman and take a shot at some good ol’ stealth camping along the way. What to bring: tent, flashlight, utility knife, bug spray, tarp and rope.

#5. Susquehanna State Park, MD, 20 Hours, 185 Miles

Just south of the Maryland state line, roadside BBQ pits start popping up all along the painfully picturesque Mason-Dixon Byway, serving up authentic slow-smoked southern ‘cue up at a tiny fraction of what Billyburg’s smokehouses charge. Honestly, though, any tour 100 miles from New York is a bit far for a fixed-gear. You might be able to brave the up-hills, but it’s the down that you have to worry about… What you’ll need: variable gears, derailleurs, brakes.


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