01/20/14 12:11pm


In the first two seasons of Girls, the third episode always wound up being one of the most talked about of the season. In the first season, we discovered that Hannah had HPV and that she liked to dance to Robyn in her bedroom. Hannah! Just like us some people! In the second season, Hannah did a ton of coke off a toilet seat and ran around New York in a neon mesh tank top all in the name of stunt journalism. Hannah! Just like us some people! And this episode is also sure to be one that’s talked about a lot (and not just because of Gaby Hoffman’s full bush and thigh bruises), but because the appearance of Hoffman as Adam’s sister Caroline goes a long way to explaining why Adam is not only drawn to Hannah when she’s flailing and spiraling, but also why he has such a driving urge to save her. It all comes back to our families, you guys. They fuck us up.