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Gloria Grahame and Humphrey Bogart in Nicholas Ray's IN A LONELY PLACE (1950). Courtesy Sony Pictures Repertory/Film Forum. Playing 7/17-7/23.

In a Lonely Place (1950)
Directed by Nicholas Ray
Humphrey Bogart never topped the character he played in this bleak noir, an alcoholic, vindictive writer who may or may not have murdered a girl he takes home one night. Ray’s direction consistently pulls focus onto the savage glint in the actor’s bared teeth and flop sweat, but the director also hones in on Bogie’s hangdog sadness. A subsequent, non-starter romance with Gloria Grahame presents a modernistic study of a doomed relationship between hollowed husks of people. At its heart is a single line of dialogue that could summarize all of noir: “I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.” Jake Cole (September 4, 6:30pm; September 7, 2pm at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Gloria Grahame series)

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photo: Shawn Brackbill

photo: Shawn Brackbill

The dreamy soundscapes present on Widowspeak’s new record, All Yours, smack of the inescapable serenity of the Hudson Valley. The sounds bring to life rippling streams, weeds swaying in the wind among lazy stone-filled river banks and the faint glimmer of the Hudson during a dying sunset. (more…)

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photo: scott/flickr creative commons

photo: scott/flickr creative commons

The oft spoken refrain about New York best serving childless young people is as true as the summer air is muggy, as a new report via the Economic Policy Institute could compel young New York families to skip town in favor of the radiant pastures of Toledo, Ohio. While the general outlay of living in New York is reflected constantly in what you hear, read and experience daily, the EPI’s report highlights the relative affordability of basically everywhere else in the country.  (more…)

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Photos courtesy of La Brea Bakery.

Photos courtesy of La Brea Bakery.

Sponsored by La Brea Bakery

Have you ever met a loaf of bread you didn’t like? Well, we certainly haven’t at La Brea Bakery. On the road this summer for the “Breaking Bread Tour,” a multi-city sampling push, the famed Los Angeles Bakery is giving us hunger pangs just imagining those fresh baguettes, flatbreads and loaves. They’re currently trekking up and down the East Coast, with stops in food-loving cities like Boston, Philadelphia, DC and NYC, giving us lucky foodies a taste of their artisan breads along with plenty of inspired recipes. After all, there’s no disputing that bread is a vital component to any good meal. (more…)

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Leah Hennessey, Ruby McCollister, and Emily Allan of “Zhe Zhe”
All photos by Jane Bruce

There’s something going on in Brooklyn and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Is it the barbershops-slash-coffee shops? The gallery shows with mangled underwear stapled to the wall? The tour groups walking around Williamsburg? The corporate ad campaigns telling you to be unique? The serious workshops on how to curate your Instagram account? Everyone has been talking about gentrification, but no one has been talking about this, whatever it is, until now.

Four native New Yorkers—Emily Allan, Leah Hennessey, E.J. O’Hara, and Max Lakner—and Hollywood transplant Ruby McCollister have started the conversation with Zhe Zhe, a sharp, satirical web series where nothing is sacred and for good reason: It’s about time someone said something.


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Drop Dead Perfect photo by Glenna Freedman

Drop Dead Perfect
photo by Glenna Freedman

The word “legendary” should be used sparingly, but Everett Quinton has earned it. As the lover and muse to Ridiculous Theatre founder Charles Ludlum, Quinton made over 75 appearances with the Ridiculous troupe, scoring particularly in The Mystery of Irma Vep, which became a signature production for him over the years. He carries that lineage in every deeply clownish move he makes, so that when he is on stage everything is alive with his theatricality or his “theatricality.” His style is meta, but if you look into those romantically woeful eyes of his, you can also see just how deadly serious Quinton is about what he does. You have to be deadly serious, and dedicated, to reach the level of comic craft that he has attained. (more…)

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Photo by Anthony & Alex.

Brooklyn synth-pop act Small Black are prepping for a cross-country tour for its new album, Best Blues. Now, the band plays its lead single off the album, “Boys Life,” during our Brooklyn x Brooklyn live sessions at Braund Studios in Greenpoint. (more…)

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Photo: Nissan

Photo: Nissan

Nissan’s NV200, or “Taxi of the Future,” is a slender vehicle that smacks of vast improvements when compared with the old, lumbering Crown Victoria cabs that have lined New York City streets for decades. It comes with passenger airbags, sliding doors, rear climate control and a dual intercom so passengers and drivers can communicate, but the convenient NV200 is coming at a mandatory cost for cab drivers, who are now required to purchase one of their own when they replace their current vehicles.  (more…)