04/21/14 2:12pm
Bushwick might be getting a second mall

Photo via Massey Knakal

We’ve known for a while that Bushwick will be getting a mall in the form of the enormous forthcoming development at 82 Bogart, and now it looks like another mall-like entity is making moves in the area, via a huge new space at 215 Moore St. that the realtors at Massey Knakal are marketing as a major “redevelopment opportunity.” In the process, they seem to have invented an entirely new neighborhood: “Industrial Williamsburg.”

04/21/14 1:25pm
food book fair bookstore now open

Image: Food Book Fair

This Friday marks the first day of the 3rd Annual Food Book Fair and as we said before, this year’s lineup sounds great. There will be a small homebrewers festival, an amazing To Kill A Mockingbird-themed dinner from Egg, a Foodie Zine festival, a thorough discussion of the umami phenomenon and tons of other highlights. In all, the fair has outdone itself this year.

For those of you who can’t make it, though, there is a smidgen of good news: the Food Book Fair bookstore at the Wythe Hotel is already open to the public and you don’t need a ticket to check it out.


04/21/14 12:56pm

Late last week, Chelsea Clinton announced that she was expecting a baby with her husband of four years, Marc Mevinsky. What does this mean beyond the fact that Clinton and Mevinsky will soon be parents, and that Hillary and Bill Clinton will soon be grandparents? Not that much, really. Oh, wait. Did I say “not that much”? What I really meant was that this is sure to be the biggest game changer in the 2016 presidential election cycle, because if there’s one thing that Americans really want to know about their next leader it’s what kind of grandparent they’ll be. Like, will Hillary go by “Grandma” or “Nanna” or maybe just “Hillary”? And what about Bill? He seems like more of a “Pop-pop” than anything else, doesn’t he? Inquiring, political savvy minds want to know(more…)

04/21/14 12:30pm

seth harlem terraly clean water

Usually drinking doesn’t directly benefit anyone except the imbiber, but that’s all about to change. Meet Terraly: a free iPhone app that allows users to share their drinking history with friends for a good cause. The difference between Terraly and, say Foursquare or Instagram, is that every time users “brag” about their drinking habits, Terraly donates money to Water.Org and Charity: Water.

We spoke with Terraly founder Seth Harlem about the inspiration behind the do-good app and how Terraly fits into the larger world of social media.


04/21/14 11:47am
Greenpoint is the best neighborhood for millenials?

This could be YOU!

We’re no strangers to the lure of listicle-making (or, for that matter, the lure of Greenpoint), and Business Insider has unleashed a doozy, rounding up the “25 Best Neighborhoods for Young People” and declaring Greenpoint the very best place for millenials in all of America.

04/21/14 11:30am
The Bean opens on Thursday in Williamsburg

Image: Project Latte

About two months ago, we relayed the news that East Village mainstay The Bean was eyeing a space in Williamsburg. Given the coffee shop’s extremely affordable drinks and food, we admitted that their coming wasn’t the worst real estate news we’ve ever heard. (This may be, though.)

So, it’s nice to hear that after a two-month wait, the Williamsburg Bean is set to open this Thursday, April 24.