07/01/15 4:26pm
Fox News devoted much of this morning's coverage to outrage at activists' plans for American flag-burning in Brooklyn tonight.

Fox News devoted much of this morning’s coverage to outrage at activists’ plans for American flag-burning in Brooklyn tonight.

In the wake of the massacre that killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th, hundreds of activists plan to burn American flags and Confederate flags in Fort Greene Park tonight, beginning at 7:30 p.m., in protest of the country’s long and brutal history of racism. Disarm NYPD, the anarchist group that organized the protest, argues that the American flag, like the Confederate flag, is a symbol of racism and oppression.

Plans for the protest have sparked controversy (Fox News, of course, is freaking out) and drawn the ire of both lawmakers and city residents. Mayor de Blasio’s office said Tuesday that it is urging organizers to cancel the event and “find a respectful way to express their opinions.”  (more…)

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Buildings will no longer be able to separate tenants based on income with different doors for rich and poor residents, thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new rent regulations, which passed last week. Buildings with segregated entrances, or “poor doors,” as they’ve been bluntly named by housing activists, a few city government officials, and of course, the media, initially came to fruition under a legal loophole that gave developers subsidies for providing affordable units in larger existing properties.  (more…)

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photo by Mike Conklin

photos by Mike Conklin

For me, July 4th is synonymous with barbecuing; I don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by engaging in the following culinary process: Grill meat, drink beer, and then drink more beer. But as it happens, even cooking at home can be expensive, and so for those of us not on a lobster-and-porterhouse-friendly budget, an affordable BBQ is the only feasible option. Not sure how to throw a BBQ on limited funds? Never fear: Here are some quick tips for a backyard blowout that won’t stretch your wallet too far.  (more…)

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Photo by Jane Bruce

Photo by Jane Bruce

It’s the Fourth of July! A perfect time to, in my case, build a behemoth beerdough-buned Patriot Burger and repeatedly watch It’s A Very Special July 4, Charlie Brown Ale! on VHS alone in my apartment. (If you’re interested in joining, text me. Please.) This isn’t the only way one can celebrate America’s glorious existence, obviously, though any form should definitely include the presence of beer. (If you’re interested in joining me, could you grab some beer for us? Please.) What beer should one consume, though? Since the options are both greater and tougher to navigate than ever, we recruited our favorite local beer-industry peoples to offer their go-to Red, White, and Brews for Independence Day. (more…)

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With last weekend being probably the best Gay Pride Parade of all time, the upcoming celebration of our nation’s birthday has some stiff competition for most festive weekend of the summer. But then again, the Fourth has a rather explosive feature at its disposal: fireworks, and lots of them! And for the second consecutive year, the Brooklyn Bridge will serve as a backdrop to the more than 50,000 pyrotechnic shells set to be launched from fives barges along the East River, illuminating the skies overhead. (more…)

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We hardly knew ye.

Go hide your packing peanuts, foam cups, trays, plates, and clamshell containers away in whatever secret camouflaged safe you use to stash contraband. The New York City styrofoam ban went into full effect on July 1st, meaning it’s now a crime to sell, possess, or distribute single-use polystyrene. New York is the largest city in the country to implement this ban, which marks an environmentalist victory.  (more…)

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I met Nickolas Butler at the table next to the beer keg in the green room of last year’s Decatur Book Festival. Neither of us knew many people in Atlanta, so Nick, my husband, and I ended up hanging out for most of the weekend. We drank many beers, and one night, we found a fancy restaurant in the rain that served oysters until one or two in the morning. We drank cocktails and feasted. This place was serious—the vinaigrette for the oysters came bottled with an eyedropper.

I went home with a signed copy of Butler’s debut novel, Shotgun Lovesongs, in my bag, and quickly learned that my new Book Fest BFF was kind of a big deal. I mean The New York Times liked his novel so much they reviewed it twice!  And his writing—it moved me to tears. (more…)

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Photo courtesy: Prince Franco

Photo courtesy: Prince Franco

Prince Franco started using iPhones to take pictures of fellow New Yorkers on the subway five years ago, but he didn’t feel like he had the right medium to show the world his work. He felt the Internet wasn’t a real enough environment to convey the effect he was looking for. His images, which show people in a transient state–biding their time on the train–portray a sense of isolation, but at the same time skew that feeling of solitude because each image is a reflection.   (more…)