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We figured we’d take a cue from the calendar and welcome March with a roar of our own. May we present for your taste-making, summer-loving pleasure: our first major Northside announcement! Shake the snow off of those boots and dream of bands, films and innovators you need to know. From June 8-14, join the festival that transforms Brooklyn’s backyard into an incubator of what’s next for Northside’s seventh and best — we’re going ahead and calling it — year yet.

With over 400 bands taking the stage, when the festival’s four days of music come to a close you’ll have seen enough shows to get you through to fall. As in the past, we’ll be joining up with curatorial partners on showcases at over 30 venues around North Brooklyn, including the 6000-cap outdoor space at 50 Kent Avenue and free shows down the block at McCarren Park. Joined by an army of local talent, a sample of this year’s lineup includes Run the Jewels, Neko Case, Built to Spill, Best Coast, Against Me!, Vince Staples, Rhye, Majical Cloudz and So. Many. More. The first batch of single-show tickets will go on sale this Friday at noon.

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Photo by Daniel Dorsa

All photos by Daniel Dorsa

Over the last two decades, no two institutions have been more influential in Brooklyn culture than the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum. Their audacious programming and connective growth have defined, fostered, buoyed and created the local arts scene. This summer, the directors of each institution will step down.

We spoke with Karen Brooks Hopkins, who’s worked at BAM since 1979 and been President since 1999, and Arnold Lehman, the Director of the Brooklyn Museum since 1997, about their careers, retirement, and the changed landscape they’re leaving behind. (more…)

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We’re pretty firmly of the mind that no matter how grim things seem in the world at large, life will always be at least kind of OK as long there’s something good to read. And so, lucky for us, even if the last five years have had their ups-and-downs, we’ve always been able to find an escape. Here, then, are the 25 books—all by Brooklyn authors—that have allowed us—and some other notable people in the local literary scene—access to other times, places, states of being, if only for a little while.  (more…)

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Alice Boman
photo by Johanna Atteson

Think about the things that make you feel anything, at all. They’re pure and uncomplicated. An americano, black, no sugar; crisp white bedsheets; a whiff of suntan lotion in July. Alice Boman, an emerging singer songwriter from Sweden, feels the same way about music: What is simple is powerful. On paper, her lyrics would underwhelm. The melodies, rendered in basic piano chords, don’t attempt to innovate. But then she sings, and before you know it your heart hurts. Her voice, delicate and strong at the same time (and ever-so-slightly and enchantingly foreign), transforms a straightforward question, or just a hint of a narrative, into an emotion that is instantly familiar and intensely personal. Because there is so much she merely suggests, it’s easy (and addictive) to make her music whatever you want it to be, and then to attach yourself to it fiercely. Tonight at Rough Trade, the twenty-seven-year old musician from Malmö will perform a solo set off of her spare and beautiful debut album, EP II (+ Skisser EP), released in North America last summer by the small New York label, The Control Group. (more…)

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In the ongoing apartment hunting struggle that anyone who lives here inevitable has to engage in, there are a couple golden phrases that tenants are always on the lookout for. “Laundry in unit” is one such dream. Another? “Rent controlled” or “rent stabilized,” both indications that the rent on the unit is regulated by the state, and limits how much a landlord can wantonly jack up the rent. Rent control happens if a tenant has been living continuously in an apartment since 1971: It’s the kind of thing that you inherit from a direct family member, and so it’s harder to luck into. Rent stabilization, however, is within your grasp: It applies, with some exceptions, to buildings built before 1974 with six or more units.

There are one million rent stabilized apartments in New York City, ones in which the rent increase is determined every year by the Rent Guidelines Board. (This year, that increase is just one percent for one year leases.) But how do you know if your apartment qualifies? Now there’s an easy way to find out.


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Good news for fans of Prospect Heights stalwart Tom’s Restaurant: Soon the diner is going to be open for more than breakfast and lunch. After 80 years serving food until 4 p.m. except for Sundays (the restaurant opened in 1936, after all), Tom’s is expanding operations to the evening crew seven days a week and lobbying for a liquor license to boot. Finally, you can have a mimosa with those legendary banana walnut pancakes.


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Lena Dunham reading at BAM Photo by Beowulf Sheehan, courtesy of BAM

First Bey and Jay decamped for the West Coast, and we were sad that we would never run into them at Roberta’s. And now Lena Dunham, the woman who made a certain subset of Brooklyn famous, is saying goodbye to all that. Well maybe not like, goodbye and more like I’m never going to go through a February like that again, and for that, it’s hard to blame her.


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It’s not often that we’re able to merge our current career as a food writer and our early dream of becoming a Shakespearean actress, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars owed towards private conservatory programs (sorry, mom). But thanks to New Place Players—an Equity company that performs the Bard’s works at private homes, restaurants, and event spaces throughout the city, while guests enjoy five course meals prepared by a rising star chef — our twin passions for gourmet fare and iambic pentameter were both equally and delightfully indulged. (more…)