01/29/15 5:07pm
Your new apartment, probably (via Wikimedia Commons)

Your new apartment, probably (via Wikimedia Commons)

In case you had plans to go outside this weekend, you might want to seriously reconsider, or at least break out that extra-serious fur hat. The city’s Office of Emergency Management has sent out a weather advisory because things are about to get really serious  starting tonight. Like “dangerously frigid” serious. Like temperatures bottoming out in the teens with windchill hitting between five and ten below zero. That’s negative ten.


01/29/15 3:52pm

Paris via Wikipedia

In the last ten years or so, if Americans have been told one thing over and over about France it’s this: The French do everything better. From raising children (or, you know, bébés) to dieting to the amount of vacation time they get, the French apparently have everything all figured out. It would be enough to cause an inferiority complex among the most secure people, and so, luckily enough, most Americans have remained immune to the seductive lure of Francophilia, choosing instead to raise kids the ‘Murican way—fat and with little free time. (more…)

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Miranda July and Lena Dunham at BAM photo by Rebecca Greenfield c/o BAM

Miranda July and Lena Dunham at BAM
photo by Rebecca Greenfield c/o BAM

“Are you here for the Miranda July event?” the woman asked my companion, grabbing him by the arm. “I’m from New York magazine and we’d love to take your picture and ask a few questions.”

There aren’t many literary events that have New York staffers staking out photogenic attendees, but this wasn’t just any literary event; this was Miranda July in conversation with Lena Dunham (“Brooklyn’s own,” as she was introduced) on the occasion of the release of July’s new book. The event took place at BAM, and had, I was told, “sold out in a second.” And while my friend (who had declined to appear in New York, because he didn’t feel like signing the model release, and because the room he’d been taken to for photos was, he thought, “too quiet”) was surprised that the New York staffer had described the night’s program as being a “Miranda July event” rather than a Lena Dunham one, it was soon pretty clear that the audience had indeed come mainly for July, who was greeted with wild cheers and applause the moment her name was announced from the stage. (more…)

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Oh cool, guys, as if the L train wasn’t unpleasant and gropey enough: For six straight weeks, starting on April 11, no L trains are going to run between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue on weekend. Yep! No L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn until late May. Hope you didn’t have any plans to leave Williamsburg/Bushwick, because that will not be happening, unless you want to contend with the shuttle bus from the Lorimer Street stop to the J/M/Z. Or, you know, the G train.


01/29/15 1:06pm


I ain’t afraid of no ghost. I ain’t afraid of no Ghost Bottle, neither. While I prove the former assertion nightly by watching episodes of The Real Ghostbusters on my iPad before bedtime, my first demonstration of the latter was attending an installment of Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party series last September.

A stationary contrast to The Mash, an annual worldwide tour of weeklong festivals, Dinner Party is headquartered monthly at Humboldt and Jackson in Williamsburg. This provides a base for Brooklyn Brewery’s chef, Andrew Gerson, to showcase beer-paired dishes “inspired by the unique ingredients and talented producers found in our local community.” The first dinner partnered Gerson with Momofuku Culinary Lab’s Kaizen Trading Company, and the second with Brooklyn Grange. I attended the third, which celebrated a milestone at the brewery: Garrett Oliver’s 20th anniversary as brewmaster.


01/29/15 10:48am
Nachos from No. 7 North photos by Jane Bruce

Nachos from No. 7 North
photos by Jane Bruce

Not keen on hosting a Super Bowl shindig in your shitty walk-up studio apartment? From pizza shooter-serving restaurants wreathed in smoke and crosshatched by laser lights to unprecedented collaborations between big-deal breweries and eccentric sandwich spots, we’ve got a few sweet alternatives to spending this Sunday cooped up in a sweaty sports bar.  (more…)

01/29/15 10:30am
Photo by Jane Bruce

Photo by Jane Bruce

When renovations first began on the Loew’s Kings Theatre in Flatbush in 2013, the place was a mess. The theatre, built in 1928 but vacant for almost forty years, had been repeatedly looted. When it rained, water would leak through the ceiling to pool among the once-plush theatre seats. All but one of the original chandelier fixtures (pictured above) were missing. But after a $94 million restoration, in which every detail of the once-opulent theatre has been returned to its former glory thanks to locally-sourced materials and project architects EverGreene Architectural Arts and Martinez + Johnson Architecture. The process was a meticulous one: EverGreene analyzed old photographs, even looking at pictures under microscopes in order to get the correct shades of paint.