07/24/14 10:30am


Every so often, a new study comes out that seems to confirm New Yorkers’ worst suspicions: This city, scientists conclude, is a terrible place to live. This week, a widely-circulated paper from researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard University ranked the top ten “unhappiest” cities. No prizes for guessing which town was at the top of the list. But I don’t buy it, and neither should you.


07/24/14 10:17am

.green flash

One of the nice things about the craft beer explosion of the past few years is that it brought with it the proliferation of bars, bottle shops, and even high-end grocery stores that will sell and fill growlers—64oz glass jugs of fresh beer poured straight from a tap. In this recurring series, we’ll highlight some of the more exciting beers currently available for growler fills around Brooklyn.  (more…)

07/24/14 9:30am
From BK to BKLYN: A Brief History of Vowel-less Iterations of "Brooklyn"

“BKLYN,” just one out of the vast rainbow of  ways to spell “Brooklyn.”

This morning, we heard that the swanky 40-story residential building in Downtown Brooklyn formerly known as Oro 2 has re-branded itself. It is now the BKLYN Air. Tagline: “Rent in the air. Play in the sky.” From this, we have learned two things. First, we would not like to “rent in the air,” thank you, although “playing in the sky” sounds fun. Second, if you take out the “r” and the vowels (but leave the sometimes-vowels), “Brooklyn” goes from “pretty cool” to “rly cl.” That’s “really cool” for you Uncools.


07/23/14 3:42pm
Williamsburg's Starbucks (image: NY Eater)

Williamsburg’s Starbucks (image: NY Eater)

Outer-borough hackles have been raised in the past several weeks over a familiar player in the ongoing War on Gentrification—Starbucks. Much has been made of two new Brooklyn locations: one in Williamsburg, which opened this week, and one in Crown Heights, set to open this fall in the first floor of a brand-new apartment building. In Brooklyn, Starbucks is the Angel of Death of the Hip, casting its long shadow across neighborhoods of Authentic Cool, corporatizing everything it touches. In reality, Starbucks may be a buzzard at worst, arriving long after the fight.


07/23/14 3:14pm
Bill Meier standing outside Best Pizza.

Bill Meier standing outside Best Pizza.

It can be difficult to distinguish one bearded, fixie-riding Williamsburgian from another, but Best Pizza’s deliveryman Bill Meier is a different story. No Weather Productions made a short documentary about the 52-year-old, gray-bearded and wizened with age and years on the street, and his life as a bike messenger. (more…)

07/23/14 2:00pm

NOORMANS_0264 (2)

This is a story you might have heard before: hard-working person’s weekend passion project unexpectedly sparks the imagination of thousands, evolves quickly into a full-time, world-changing gig. OK, so perhaps “world-changing” is a bit of a stretch, but the all natural, craft bitters company Hella Bitters is changing something important — the taste of your favorite cocktail. With a small batch approach that favors thoughtful ingredients for a concentrated, mouth-puckering punch of flavor, these bitters can balance out even the biggest of bourbon whiskeys. Yum.

Hella Bitters is currently available in two flavors — the original “Citrus” and “Aromatic” — but a recent visit to the company’s workspace reveals a veritable chemistry lab of potential future tastes, including “Oaxan Chili” and “Sriracha.” The company may only be (officially) a few years old, but they’ve already got a lot for us to look forward to.


07/23/14 1:20pm

What happens when cops go looking for perpetrators where they know they’re going to find them? Probably trouble. According to Brooklyn Brief, on Monday night, cops in Crown Heights created a checkpoint on Franklin Avenue a few blocks south of Eastern Parkway and asked drivers to roll up their windows in order to check the legality of their tints. Window checkpoints have been done before, and will almost definitely happen again, but this instance also reads like profiling.