04/24/14 11:16am
Mayor Rob Ford And BK President Eric Adams Make Lamest Bet On NBA Playoffs

Image: NY Post

In case you missed it: Our Brooklyn Nets are currently in the NBA playoffs despite the fact that the team’s average age is 32.4 years of age. Apparently, our defense is “next level.”

Whatever the case, this team has defied all odds and are facing off against the Toronto Raptors with the score currently standing at 1-1. But none of this is as remotely interesting as the fact that (1) Drake was caught lintrolling himself at one of the games and (2) Mayor Rob “I Was Caught Smoking Crack” Ford and Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams have made the lamest bet on the outcome of the seven-game series.


04/24/14 10:20am

Food Book Fair Authors Share Their Favorite Cookbooks

Some people are born with the cooking gene, but most aren’t, which is where a good cookbook comes in. They’re great sources of inspiration, aspiration and common sense knowledge. No one understands that more than the folks featured in this year’s Food Book Fair, most of whom are newly minted cookbook authors, experienced chefs or both. We caught up with nine now-experts and asked them to share the cookbooks that influenced their style when they were just starting out and continue to play a role in they way they approach food (and drink) today.

Bonus: They also revealed their favorite restaurants in Brooklyn!

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04/23/14 4:25pm

#MyNYPD c/o @kimanifilm

Yesterday, the New York Police Department used its Twitter account to ask users to tweet photos of themselves with members of the NYPD along with the hashtag #myNYPD in an attempt to… what? Show how media savvy the NYPD is? Get in on all the fun kids are having with hashtags these days? It’s sort of hard to say what the original impetus was (although there was the promise that some photos would be posted on the NYPD’s Facebook, so!), but it’s much easier to say what the result was: chaos. Fun!


04/23/14 1:33pm
Artist-Created Lamps Are Listening To Your Conversations And Tweeting Them


Have you recently been revealing your deepest, darkest secrets while sitting suspiciously close to an otherwise normal-looking lamp? If so, those secrets are probably on Twitter. Wired reports that two Brooklyn artists have installed Wi-Fi enabled microphones into lamps all over New York City, which send audio to Mechanical Turks who Tweet what they hear.


04/23/14 1:26pm
Most fictional marriages are not like that of Nick and Nora Charles.

Most fictional marriages are not like that of Nick and Nora Charles.

To paraphrase Tolstoy, all happy marriages are alike; each unhappy marriage is unhappy in its own way, which is why dysfunctional marriages make for such fertile literary ground. Sure, there’s the anomalous happily married couple, like Nick and Nora Charles in Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man, but they’re more the exception that proves the rule.  (more…)

04/23/14 1:02pm

Small Amounts Of Pot Officially Decriminalized In Brooklyn

Just three days after weed’s high holy day, stoner Brooklynites have another reason to celebrate.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson will officially decline to criminally prosecute people caught in possession of small amounts of pot–as long as they have no previous criminal record or warrants for their arrest.