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In a city transforming at the speed of light, nostalgia for an older New York, death knells for Brooklyn, and trepidation at creeping change in the outer boroughs is widespread. As Adam Gopnik writes in Through the Children’s Gate: A Home in New York, “The [mental] map of the city we carried just five years ago hardly corresponds to the city we know today, while the New Yorks we knew before that are buried completely.”

While it’s impossible to excavate these New Yorks of yesteryear from the dense layers of history on every street, Old NYC, an incredible new interactive photo map, comes close, letting you virtually time travel around your own particular borough, neighborhood, and city block. It’s a digital collage of the New York Public Library’s “Photographic Views of New York City: 1870s-1970s Collection,” which includes over 80,000 historic images of the ever-changing five boroughs. (more…)

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Matt Sharp.  Photo: www.musichallofwilliamsburg.com

Matt Sharp.
Photo: www.musichallofwilliamsburg.com

This Friday night, if you’re not too busy drinking at one of the same three bars you frequent, or if you choose to stop worrying about that dude or chick not texting you back, you might want to go see The Rentals at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. (more…)

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Tone, an artist and musician who “stumbled” into the bar business, thought that being poor was just part of running a small business. Sarah, a florist and event designer, found that even working with flowers could be chaotic without direction, systems, and organization. David, an architect, kept hoping growth might randomly show up on his doorstep — it didn’t.

Then they each enrolled in Holly Howard’s From Artisan to Entrepreneur® Business Growth Program. This is not your typical business development course. The focus of this program is community, creativity, and confidence. It’s the opportunity to join a small group of your peers – limited to 15 students per section – to gain the tools, resources, and relationships you need to grow your business. (more…)

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"Make the world a better place!" Via Geekwire.

Via Geekwire.

Calling all Brooklyn makers (and tech bros who haven’t yet migrated to Silicon Valley): Make It In Brooklyn kicks off their first-ever Innovation Summit on June 25th, where 300 of the borough’s entrepreneurial thinkers will discuss what’s next in this longtime hub of creativity and manufacturing. As part of the summit, they’re holding a pitch contest, in which one lucky aspiring Steve Jobs will win $50,000 in seed funding to develop a genius idea. (more…)

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A screenshot from Vertices' website.

A screenshot from Vertices’ website.

New York City is a cruel and unforgiving place. Our subways are loud, dark and smelly. Our buildings–if they’re not new, glistening glass condominiums–are falling apart and randomly exploding. New Yorkers are often left to their own devices for a lot of things (nothing like that good ole’ self-sustaining American work ethic!), and as you may have noticed while traipsing around the five boroughs, there aren’t a lot of places to pee in this city that aren’t Starbucks. (more…)