04/23/14 10:43am
Incomes in Brooklyn are actually dropping

Probably not the ones buying the condos. (Image via Flickr/TorbakHopper)

Along with yet another update on how much Brooklyn rents have spiked in recent years77 percent between 2000 and 2012, jesus!—a new report from City Comptroller Scott Stringer indicates something a little more surprising, that amid all this real estate scrambling, New York’s median incomes have actually dropped over the same period of time, going down by 4.8 percent. “Rents are going through the roof, incomes are going down, and that’s where you’re having the ­affordability crunch,” Stringer said of the numbers. It’s, all, um, very promising.

04/23/14 10:20am
'Vision Zero' Drops McGuinness Blvd. Speed Limit To 25 MPH

Image: Brownstoner

Earlier this month, Atlantic Avenue became the first of 25 major roadways in the city to have its speed limit dropped from 30 m.p.h. to 25 m.p.h. in an effort to curb traffic deaths.

Now, as promised, another thoroughfare has had its speed limit decreased and this time, it’s Greenpoint’s McGuinness Boulevard.


04/22/14 4:53pm
If Brooklyn's so cool why is Manhattan dumping all of its garbage here?

This could be us but… it already is

Brooklyn may have launched a million trend pieces over the past decade (and become home to the best neighborhood ever for millenials), but you know what it’s also home to? Manhattan’s trash. Lots of it. In fact, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have the highest concentration of garbage dumps of anywhere in the city, per data from the New York Public Interest Group. Feeling good about what you pay for your apartment yet?

04/22/14 2:15pm
Brooklyn Roasting Co. Launches A Cup-Sharing Program To Curb Waste

Image: Mug Me Up

Last year, Forbes published an article about coffee consumption in the U.S. and shared the not-so-new news that we here in New York City are crazy about the stuff, spending three times more on coffee than the rest of the nation. So, just imagine how many coffee cups we dispose of everyday. The number is probably staggering.

That’s where Brooklyn Roasting Company comes in. 

Yesterday, the coffee purveyor launched a new program  described by the Daily News as ‘Citi Bike for coffee’ where customers pay $5 for a reusable coffee cup that they more or less rent. Here’s how the program works:


04/22/14 1:38pm
There was another shooting in Bushwick this weekend

Image via Google Street View

Right after news of several disturbing recent shootings in Bushwick, another to add to the list: the Daily News reports that a 14-year-old allegedly shot a 15-year-old outside of a Foot Locker this weekend in a dispute over line cutting. Both were waiting early in the morning for the release of the new Kanye West-designed Pro “Yeezy” Nikes.

04/22/14 11:53am

Five Leaves Crate is Open in Williamsburg

More good news for Rough Trade now that they’ve been able to start hosting shows again post-noise complaints: their long-anticipated in-house branch of Five Leaves is officially open for business, according to Greenpointers. The small cafe, dubbed Five Leaves Crate (get it, on account of it being in a record store?), is open from 11am to 9pm daily, and more pertinently, seems to have expanded on its home base’s menu to include savory pies.