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Just as you were finished rejoicing over the newly reopened R train tunnel, more repairs are on the way to put a hitch in the giddy-up of commuters from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This time, it’s the A/C train that will be affected, thanks to closing the whimsically named Cranberry Tunnel to fix Hurricane Sandy-inflicted water damage.


09/17/14 10:18am

Of all of Brooklyn’s only sporadically mentioned and generally un-hip neighborhoods (whatever that means, really), Mill Basin just might be one of the un-hippest. Located on the southeasternmost end of the borough and served mostly by buses (the nearest subway station, a rickety old Q, is still a good half hour’s jaunt away), it rarely attracts visitors or day-trippers—unless they’re touring sprawling, multi-million dollar houses, that is, or on a pilgrimage to the gritty Kings Plaza Mall.  (more…)

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Courtesy Larry Hagberg

Courtesy Larry Hagberg

Did you know that the New York City Parks Department has a full-time blacksmith shop that operates on 86th street? And that it still employs smiths to make things like fenceposts, lanterns, keys, and other sundry metal items? Both are true, and if it’s always been your dream to use an anvil in a professional capacity, you’re in luck.


09/16/14 4:10pm
Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Photo: YouTube

Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Photo: YouTube

It has been two months since NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo killed Staten Island resident Eric Garner with a maneuver that has been variously described and repudiated as a chokehold. In that time, there has been a lot of discussion concerning the efficacy of broken windows policy, the controversial policing doctrine, espoused and perfected by current NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton, that treats petty infractions as the seeds of more serious crime.


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Residents at that not-quite-Red Hook not-quite-Carroll Gardens slice of Brooklyn known as the Columbia Street Waterfront District are not pleased about Vice Media’s recent party at the Red Hook Container Terminal. The Williamsburg-based company threw an invite-only shindig last Friday sponsored by Absolut Vodka that irked neighbors with its loud music and carousing.


09/16/14 3:15pm

Here’s a nice thing for your Tuesday afternoon: a few weeks ago, Sofar Sounds organized an intimate listening party in advance of Karen O’s beautiful and heartbreaking solo album, Crush Songs, in an anonymous hosts’ Tribeca loft. As luck would have it, the living room of an apartment offers the exact level of coziness to best experience the album. If you missed it, check out this sneak peek of the party, and ready your Feelings for the release of a full-length video, out this week on Sofar’s YouTube channel. Take a listen, and revel in Karen’s whispery, autumnal vibes.

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Way back around 2000, I remember being on the subway and hearing two women talking about where they would and wouldn’t live in New York. One of the women said that she would never venture further east than the numbered avenues, and the other replied that this was silly and that she had just put down a security deposit on an apartment on Avenue D. “Of course,” she added,” if it’s after 9 at night, I’ll have to take a cab home, but you should see the size of the kitchen!” (It should go without saying that neither of these women would have considered Brooklyn back then if their lives depended on it. They are probably now living on the Williamsburg waterfront, but whatever.) It took everything in 18-year-old me not to spit out at them that if they were afraid to live—to really live—in a neighborhood, then maybe they should just stick to Murray Hill. Ah, neighborhood stereotypes! Some stay evergreen.  (more…)

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baggu totes

(Image: BAGGU)

Among other things 2014 is and has been, it is decidedly the Year of the Tote Bag. The tote bag is the humblest of accessories—washable, unisex, shapeless, and compact. It defies pretension, even when emblazoned with the name of an über-trendy literary magazine, or whatever. It’s a rare tote bag that costs more than $25, and for this and its versatility, it is decidedly the People’s Bag. And what a week in this Year of the Tote Bag: It’s BYOBag Week, a project of BagItNYC, a community non-profit collective that seeks to reduce New Yorkers’ reliance on plastic bags.