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Sharon Steel is a writer in New York.
  “It wasn’t like they were the only fascinating people at the restaurant. But they were an island if the rest of us were the continent—distant, inaccessible, picking up stray light.” So intones Tess, the heroine of Sweetbitter (Knopf), Stephanie Danler’s poetic, sensual, and immensely addictive coming of age debut. An intelligent young woman from a nameless place, Tess moves to New York City to become someone and soon forms “a certain connoisseurship of taste”...
Two years ago, the Planthouse Gallery, formerly a flower shop itself, asked Susan Orlean to collaborate on a project that would pay homage to the Chelsea space’s history. The author and New Yorker staff writer wrote a lyrical essay, “The Floral Ghost,” which recalled the first time she passed through the Flower District as a new arrival to New York City. The story also became the title of an exhibition featuring the botanical-inspired work...