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Matthew J. DeFrenza is a Brooklyn-born, Brooklyn-based photographer. He has recently returned home full-time after graduating from the University of Scranton and is now pursuing a Master's Degree in English Literature at Brooklyn College. Every moment not spent in school or at his day-job, Matt wanders the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan with his camera. You can find his street photography on Instagram @the_sunday_photographer or his portrait photography at @portraits_by_sunday.
PHOTOGRAPHY The Sunday Photographer Back before it became a trendy destination known for its brunch spots, farmer’s markets, Smorgasburgs and filled with organic eateries, Brooklyn was a place of industry, a place where immigrants settled and made lives for themselves utilizing what they had brought with them, their crafts. Many of the remnants of Brooklyn’s industrial identity have been knocked down, or worse yet, converted to even trendier condo’s with "original wood floors" or "exposed...
Editor's Note: When we partnered with American real estate company Douglas Elliman to present Brooklyn's 20 Best Blocks, we wanted to make sure that this came from a sincere place—so we connected with Brooklyn's own The Sunday Photographer a.k.a Matthew DeFrenza to take us on a journey throughout the borough to show us his favorite blocks. Douglas Elliman is New York City’s #1 brokerage and continues to grow with local offices across Brooklyn. Look for us in Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope,...