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Amy Gall’s work has appeared in, among others, Tin House, Vice, Poets & Writers, Interview Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and the forthcoming anthology Mapping Queer Spaces. Re/Cycle, a book of her collages, will be published by Pacific Press in 2018. She is currently working on a collection of linked essays about sex, violence, and the body.
While many of us were reeling in the wake of Trump’s election, Liz Alpern decided to take action. “I realized,” she said, “when you don’t know what to do, do what you know how to do.” So Alpern, who recently co-wrote The Gefilte Manifesto, a cookbook filled with the revamped traditional Jewish recipes she serves through her company The Gefilteria, got cooking. She created Queer Soup Night, a monthly fundraiser run out of Pel’s Pies...
I’ve always liked ballet, but whenever I go to a show, I know I’m seeing something that isn’t for or about my community—the queer community. At the heart of traditional ballet is a celebration of heterosexual love, a lack of female agency, and impossibly thin bodies. Three years ago, I went to see Ballez perform The Firebird, a retelling of the turn of the century Stravinsky ballet. I went in knowing nothing about the company or what...