Garden Acupuncture Provides Relief To Vulvodynia Pain

We’ve all heard the fixes for PMS pain: chocolate, heating pads, yoga. But there are far more issues in women’s health that are painful and difficult to solve. Vulvodynia, chronic pain in or near the vulva, can affect women of any age, and a cause has yet to be determined. Those affected may suffer from soreness, itching, burning, aching, or other symptoms. Vulvodynia is common, and women who have this private pain shouldn’t be embarrassed. We know that, although some may disregard it, this pain is real. We understand that sitting hurts, sex hurts, and even contact with underwear can be very painful. This chronic pain can induce anxiety and interrupt your daily activities. Acupuncture can be an aid to women who face these symptoms; it can be an aid for many women’s health problems.

Garden Acupuncture in Park Slope specializes in all types of pelvic pain including vulvodynia, PCOS, endometriosis, and fertility issues. While acupuncture may be used to treat vaginal pain, there’s no need to worry: the needles aren’t placed anywhere near the vagina. Rather, needles might be placed in the limbs, back, feet, or hands to alleviate pain and redirect energy flow in the body. Garden Acupuncture’s process includes more than just acupuncture: it’s supplemented by nutrition and a Chinese herbal regimen as well. They might recommend oral or topical herbs to help relieve vulvodynia pain and use food as medicine to address imbalances causing the pain. Their methods are totally individualized to your body and needs.

This combination of considering all aspects of your health—your physical body, your diet, your lifestyle, and your environment—may be ancient wisdom, but Garden Acupuncture helps make it current and relevant to help you heal. Their practitioners are happy to answer any questions about this, either at their phone number at (347) 987-4399 or through their contact form.