Your Chariot Awaits: New Microtransit for NYC Commuters

There’s no question about the high value of reliable public transit in a place like New York City. Whether it’s to work, to school, crossing boroughs, or taking a long haul, the trains, buses, and rideshares are packed. When you live in one of the city’s “transit deserts” though, it’s hard to get the most out of such an important resource.

People living far from a transit stop face challenges that include (and definitely are not limited to) longer commute times and running late, more expensive commutes involving multiple lines, and having reliable transport less accessible in times of need (or simply for convenience).

To offer a solution for NYC commuters—anyone living as far as Rockaway or Staten Island, and as central as the LES or Williamsburg—Chariot is designed as a microtransit service that’ll take anyone anywhere in the city if they can find a community around them interested in catching the same ride. And most importantly, they’ve officially launched it.

Last week, the Chariot fleet started running two routes that’ll get you where you need to go: The Eastside Express (LES to Midtown) and the DUMBO Direct (Greenpoint to DUMBO). If you’re in need of a lift (plus comfy seats, plus free wifi), download the app and enter promo code “BKLYNMAG” under Payments to get your first week of rides free.

And if Chariot’s not available in your ‘hood yet, vote for your route (then find 49 other new friends to do so, as well). Download the Chariot app (or visit their website) to input your locations. This will count as a “virtual vote” for your route. Once 50 people in need of that route back it, you’ll have twice-daily service from your area for $4 per trip. Like a bus pass (but in a comfier, less-crowded vehicle) the price decreases as part of a monthly plan and other benefits, so make the most of it. 


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