It started with the vinyl pre-order. On Tuesday, Brand New announced their first new album since 2009’s Daisy was set to release in October. The vinyl pre-order, limited to 500, sold out in fewer than 30 minutes. Today, however, the 500 fans who preordered the vinyl received a very early surprisea numbered CD in the mail. On the CD is a single 61-minute track, titled “44.5902N104.7146W.” Those coordinates lead to Wyoming’s Devils Tower National Monument.

Listeners used Shazam on the track and discovered it was in the database under the album name Science Fiction. Among the song titles posted by Redditors—CD recipients who are keeping us updated—were “Out of Mana” and “In the Water.” The CD booklet was just as puzzling: It begins with what appears to be stream-of-consciousness rumination and devolves into dialogue from 2001: A Space Odyssey (via Reddit).

So here’s the question: Is this the new album that fans were promised for October? Or is another album altogether? While we wait to hear from Brand New, people continue to upload recordings and the album image across the Internet.


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