Uninitiated imbibers, who tend to rely on price point rather than flavor profile to help them cut through the clutter at a liquor shop, will appreciate the immersive education offered at Wine Legend Store and Bar.

Recently expanded to Fort Greene, the family-owned, Jersey-based business operates under a savvy, two-pronged concept, with one half of their glassed-in corner spaces functioning as a well-stocked retail hub, and the other, a full-fledged saloon.

In search of a bottle to go? Avail yourself of a Two for $30 wall, a room devoted to high-end wines and spirits, and a selection of recommended Wine Legend Picks, such as Justin Cabernet Sauvignon, or Domaine D’orfeuilles Vouvray. Prefer to get up close and personal with your intended purchase first? Simply pop-next door for a test drive of Forge Dry Riesling, Rose Rock Pinot Noir, or Kistler Les Nois Chardonnay.

To counterbalance all that booze, the bar area also boasts a beyond-cheese food menu, featuring everything from early summer pea crostini and pressed duck and brie sandwiches, to lobster with charred onion and braised bottarga, and beef tartare served with radish, shaved egg yolk and pickled ramps.

And the owners intend to further flesh out the experience with revolving tastings, in-store seminars with guest winemakers, and a dedicated app, where patrons can arrange to have their favorite bottles delivered.

Although needless to say, at Wine Legend Store and Bar, the real fun lies in picking them up yourself.

Photos by Clay Williams

166 Myrtle Ave.,(347) 422-0015, Fort Greene


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