In it’s second year of existence, Panorama NYC Music Festival returns to Randall’s Island this weekend with a lineup just as strong as last year’s Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar, and LCD Soundsystem-led debut. Seen as an alternative option to Governors Ball—held about seven weeks apart, Panorama and Gov Ball both have their fun on Randall’s Island—this year’s festival will see a wide array of music, seemingly broken down at the top by themed days this year; R+B will take center stage on Friday night, with current indie/rock acts on Sunday, and lasting, blue-chip 90s favorites taking over on Sunday.

We want to focus in on some of the must-see acts for the weekend at Randall’s Island. There are some that are just blatantly obvious—you should clearly go see both Nine Inch Nails and A Tribe Called Quest on Sunday night, for example; the festival made a masterful decision in stacking the legendary industrial rock band led by Trent Reznor, and Q-Tip’s beloved rap trio (RIP Phife) back-to-back on the festival’s main stage, so you won’t have to make that tough decision.

But throughout the weekend, there are more exciting acts, and we’re here to guide you through to a few of our favorites. Without further ado, here are our Panorama must-sees:

Jamila Woods

Friday, The Parlor, 2:10

You may not know the name Jamila Woods just yet, but you definitely know her voice. A frequent collaborator and friend of Chance the Rapper, she’s the voice you know and sing along with every time you hear “Sunday Candy” or “Blessings”. She’s also put out her own record, last year’s HEAVN, which was one of the more underrated collections of the year. Her voice is beautiful, and the solo music is as delightfully enjoyable and pleasing as you’d imagine. For anyone still spinning SZA’s CTRL album or patiently waiting for Solange’s set, Jamila Woods is the act for you. -Evan Romano

Tyler, the Creator

Friday, The Pavilion, 7:10

Tyler comes to Panorama fresh on the heels of the best album he’s ever made. Flower Boy (forever Scum Fuck in our hearts) is fierce, fun, and infectious, and everyone should be excited to hear it live. We’re excited to see how he brings his signature eccentric style to life this time around. Maybe another slumber party?  If Tyler brings half of his usual energy to this set, it should be a standout for the entire festival.  Plus, Tyler and Frank Ocean have a couple new collaborations, and are performing on the same night. Hint hint? – Colin Groundwater

Cherry Glazerr

Friday, The Parlor, 5:50

Cherry Glazerr got a tough draw this year—the LA rock band fronted by 20-year-old Clementine Creevy (you might have caught her on Transparent) are going up against Spoon just before 6pm on Friday. But where Spoon have been great for years, Cherry Glazerr are on the cusp of greatness, proving themselves to be one of the most exciting bands you haven’t heard of yet. Take a chance on them and you won’t be disappointed. They’ve also got a post-festival showcase at Rough Trade—another good opportunity to see the up and coming rockers. – Colin Groundwater

Frank Ocean 

Friday, Panorama Stage, 9:35

OK, so Frank Ocean, really, should be in the well, obviously you’re going to be seeing Frank Ocean category, but this is such an important set that we simply have to bring focus to it. Frank’s first NYC show since 2012, he’ll have a lot to touch on, and a lot of hearts to melt. He’s been canceling shows periodically, but after appearing recently at FYF Fest out in Los Angeles, excitement is high as ever to see the Blonde and Channel ORANGE crooner return to the stage. He’s got all of his albums to draw from, plus a series of new singles including “Chanel” and “Biking,” (featuring fellow Friday performer Tyler, The Creator) as well as his song of the summer contender, “Slide” with Calvin Harris and Migos. This is going to be fun. -Evan Romano


Friday, Panorama Stage, 8:00

Perhaps another just too obvious pick, Solange is back in NYC a few months after her experimental Guggenheim performance ‘An Ode To’ for a proper set, expected to be  showcasing her tremendous 2016 album A Seat At The Table. Solange is a great live performer, and of course has an amazing visual eye—this set will be one that’s amazing both visually and sonically. Without a doubt one of the highlights of the weekend to come, and one that you won’t regret clearing your schedule for.  And when she starts belting the opening notes to “Cranes In The Sky”—I tried to drink it awaaaaaaay—everyone in her sure to be enormous crowd will be on the same page—and with good reason. -Evan Romano


Friday, The Pavilion,  5:55

One of the most consistent bands in all of rock since their 1996 debut, Britt Daniel’s band is as strong—and as popular—as ever. Now back with Matador Records for their ninth full-length record, Hot Thoughts, Spoon is ready to bring their typical A+ live show to Randall’s Island. It was going to be tough for the band to follow up 2014’s They Want My Soul, one of the best albums they ever produced, but it is clear from the first chord of the new album’s titular track that there would be no letdown here. -Evan Romano


Saturday, The Pavilion, 4:20

Mitski has mastered the craft of catharsis. Her music is honest, engaging, and loud, perfect for Panorama vibes. Whether she’s playing “I Don’t Smoke” or “Your Best American Girl,” Mitski will have you crying, shouting along, or both. This set will rock, no questions asked.- Colin Groundwater

Vince Staples

Saturday, Panorama Stage, 6:15

Who doesn’t love Vince Staples? He’s funny, he’s smart, and, most importantly, he makes amazing music. All that would have been enough to make us excited two months ago. Since then, he’s released Big Fish Theory, a collection of rave rap bangers that will undoubtedly dominate Randall’s Island on Saturday. Get ready to move.- Colin Groundwater


Saturday, The Pavilion, 5:30

S U R V I V E’s festival set is a wild and atmospheric 80s fantasia, and we’ve been looking forward to their Saturday performance since the Panorama lineup dropped. But did you see the latest trailer for the second season of Stranger Things? If we were excited before, now we’re champing at the bit. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch Finn Wolfhard in the audience, or even on the stage. – Colin Groundwater

Angel Olsen

Sunday, The Pavilion, 4:20

It’s been a slow burn, but with the release of her latest amazing record, last year’s MY WOMAN, Angel Olsen has finally become one of the biggest names in all of indie rock. Her indie folk/lo-fi stylings are a perfect match for the rest of Panorama’s lineup, and she’s got a prime lineup spot late on Sunday afternoon, where you can feel comfortable belting out all the lyrics to “Shut Up Kiss Me” to the full level of your heart’s content, and still have plenty of time to get a prime spot for Tribe and Nine Inch Nails later. -Evan Romano


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