SummerScreen 2017 aims to cover all of the bases of a movie goer’s cinematic appetite. The first week, Mean Girls got the mean-spirited and never ending rage of high school drama and humor out of the way. Last week, Office Space covered the meandering dreariness of everyday professional office life. Now, this week, Donnie Darko has got you covered for those pesky insane psychotic delusions.

Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult classic screens tonight in McCarren Park, and it’ll be one to remember, and make sure you arrive by sundown to see—because this is a movie that you’ll need to remember all of those details. If you’re feeling confused at any point, just stay tuned; it’ll all make sense by the end. Starring a young, mostly pre-fame Jake Gyllenhaal, Donnie Darko also features a number of other familiar faces: Maggie Gyllenhaal, to keep it in the family, as well as Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, and a very young Seth Rogen.

As always, the film will be preceded by live music curated by Tidal: this week’s act is Sharkmuffin, who will start playing around 7:00, before the movie kicks off at sundown. On hand for your eating and drinking needs will be a number of tasty local vendors, and a beer selection from Sixpoint—always a refreshing and great option, especially given the heat of the summer and the existential dread of the film being shown.

So find your way to McCarren Park tonight, just behind the William Vale Hotel, tonight—and make sure you don’t doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.


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