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Music festivals are everywhere—there’s Governors Ball, Northside, Panorama, The Meadows, Full Moon Fest, Afropunk, and more—but the massive fest might not be everyone’s bag. Which is why Brooklyn’s Out in the Streets, which returns next week, can make for a great mid-summer change of pace.

Running since it was a tiny DIY event in Bushwick back in 2009, Out in the Streets this year is expanding to its biggest space yet in Bushwick’s The Well, a 4,000 square foot space with an even huger (11,000 square feet!) backyard, where the music and event festivities will be held. This space was formerly Hittleman Brewery, an historic venue in Brooklyn that first was built all the way back in 1867.

This year’s assortment of live music is all over the map, and in the course of the event’s two days, there are local favorites (Brooklyn bands Caveman, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Monogold make the list), as well as latin-american rock like Tall Juan, dance-pop like Crush Club, and way more. The lineup really does span across the genre spectrum, and should be a great spot for both music enjoyment and new discovery.

The outdoor space will also feature a number of local food vendors, art installments, and more. If you need a break from live music, there will be plenty to keep you occupied!

So, if you’re looking for a fun couple days—or one or the other—and need a change of pace from some of the massive festivals that have taken over New York City, maybe take a few minutes to check out this year’s Out in the Streets on July 14 and 15. In the meantime, below, you can check out a Spotify mix that the festival themselves have curated of this year’s artists. Have a listen, and if you’re into it, tickets are available here.


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