Virtual Reality Has A New Home In Midtown Manhattan

Wedged into the Manhattan skyline, comes an experience unlike any the world has ever witnessed. VR World is more than any theater or gaming center that has come before it. It is a center for human interaction, culture, and brand participation that encourages its audience to play, create and explore their world. The next evolution of virtual reality is on New York City’s landmark 34th Street.

VR World surpasses brick and mortar, fusing it with digital immersion. Launching with over 50 content pieces spanning multiple genres from entertainment to social impact, music, art, sports, gaming, science and more, VR World showcases the best of VR content, technology, haptic devices along with everything in-between.

VR World’s mission is to catalyze the adoption of VR by merging culture and technology. We make headway for the industry by making VR more accessible to consumers, companies, content creators and product developers. Through the integration of immersive theater and a unique interior design, this massive technology incubation and cultural center engages visitors in a multi-sensory journey that goes beyond the headset. It presents the technology through a beautifully curated cultural medium that is relatable and rooted in bringing people together.

Our content is curated to show the best of many genres, taking advantage of the scope and size of the physical space to allow our viewers to deeply explore the medium. In addition to digital content, an immersive story plunges viewers into multiple levels, challenging them to discover hidden intricacies of the space. VR World is designed to be friendly and beautiful, and to serve as a center for exploration at the deepest levels, leaving visitors inspired and excited to return.

VR World is an absolute must for anyone living in or visiting New York City. Located in midtown Manhattan, two doors down from The Empire State Building, it lives in cultural heart of the city. This flagship location will make its debut with a series of special events that facilitate new dialogue about this emerging industry. The space is also available as a private event venue for brands, thought leaders, and organizations seeking to engage with this medium. Within the year, VR World will launch a fellowship program and co-creation space for the top VR and AR artists and developers.

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