With a pair of vocalists and a guitar-based sound, the skeleton of Palm, who just put out their Shadow Expert doesn’t sound totally unique. In the music landscape of 2017, there are a lot of bands structured this way, starting at the top with the xx, moving down to things like Phantogram, San Fermin, and way more.

But the fun thing to figure out for yourself—and what their newly-released 17-minute-long Shadow Expert makes abundantly clear—is that Palm is absolutely nothing like any of those bands that might spring to mind, and probably not close to anything you’ve heard recently either.

With, as the band described them to The FADER, “bent or broken pop songs,” Palm’s Shadow Expert makes for one hell of a listening experience, with the dueling vocals and odd harmonies carrying you through the whole thing. Now, in celebration of the record’s release, there’s a sold-out show tomorrow night at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg that is sure to be rocking—on top of being the record release show for Palm, we’ll also hear from openers Palberta—who we know from experience rock hard—and Frankie Cosmos’ and Warehouse side project Lexie, who are fresh off of an appearance at Brooklyn’s Northside Festival.

Palm’s EP is something that you need to hear, just to simply expose yourself to this new sound—the mathy, quick guitar sound is unique and exciting, and seems like a natural fit to fill a room with exciting sounds and even stronger vibes. The show may be sold out, but that’s no excuse to not look to explore these records on your own accord. Palberta’s record is right here, and Lexie is such a fresh project that their music is only available right now on their Bandcamp page; you can check that out right here. While you’re here, though, make sure you stream Shadow Expert below, through Spotify:


Check out the Facebook event for the show right here, from our friends at AdHoc.


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