RED ALERT. RED ALERT. Despite being the most meme’d song on the internet so far this year, Future’s relentless single, “Mask Off” has yet to lose any steam. I don’t think anyone’s sick of this song yet, somehow, despite it being played a zillion times already everywhere you go—and the summer’s only getting started. As if anyone needed any excuse to listen to it more—and, truly, we all know we were going to keep listening anyway—well, here’s another. A remix dropped this morning with Kendrick Lamar on it. You don’t even need a criticism or a hot take with that; it speaks for itself. Let’s say it again: “Mask Off” remix, with Kendrick Lamar on it. We all know how this is going to turn out.

In the wake of his latest chart-topping masterpiece Damn., Kendrick joins Future on the most popular track of his own recent pair of #1 albums, FUTURE and HENDRIX. Who knows if this thing will ever get a proper release as a single, but it’s definitely got all of the viral potential.

It’s not exactly like Future is a stranger to big time team-ups—on his most recent album, he teamed up with Rihanna and The Weeknd on a track each. Kendrick brought Future out to perform “Mask Off” during his headlining Coachella set last month, so this remix isn’t exactly surprising, but nonetheless it’s exciting to see one chart-topping MC team up with another. The one disappointing aspect here? It cuts off my favorite Future line in the song—my guillotine, drank promethazine. Any time you can reference a French Revolution torture device in a trap hip-hop song, you’ve got to snatch the opportunity.

It’s an Avengers-esque move for these two. If Kendrick is the Captain America of hip-hop right now, a universally-beloved de facto leader, Future would maybe be the Batman or Deadpool (neither of who is actually in the Avengers, obviously), an anti-hero who revels in some massive hits regardless.

Come to think about it, hip-hop parallels with superheroes could be a whole another article. Stay tuned for that one. Lil’ Yachty would definitely be Spider-Man though.

Anyway, I digress. Check out the “Mask Off” remix with Kendrick Lamar below:


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