How to Get a New York Medical Marijuana Certification 100% Online

It’s finally become simple to access medical marijuana in New York. Now you can see a doctor online to get your New York medical marijuana certification in 15 minutes.

Medical Marijuana Doctor New York

Even though New York state opened its doors to medical marijuana in 2014, only around 14,000 patients can legally access it today.

Why? Because, quite frankly, the process of registering with the New York State Medical Marijuana Program is too complicated and inaccessible—until now.

Click here to start a 100% online, legal process to consult with a licensed doctor via live video and be approved for medical marijuana in New York!

How Do You Get Certified for Medical Marijuana in New York?

As we all know, legislation and regulation vary from state to state, but New York has created some obstacles making it extremely difficult to both find a doctor and obtain certification. Unlike in California, where a simple search for “cannabis evaluations near me” might yield 5-10 doctors nearby, access to physicians is scarce.

With 110,000 doctors in the state, only 884 are legally recognized by the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. To make matters worse, doctors have no way of proving their cannabis credentials as the state keeps them confidential.

Even if you actually beat the odds and find a legitimate doc who’s willing to provide your credentials, yet another obstacle stands in your way. Once your credentials are received, you’ll be required to register with the NYS MMJ program in a completely separate process.

A bit much for herbal relief, don’t you agree?

NuggMD, the leading telemedicine company for cannabis, has changed all that. Based in California, they’ve successfully provided medical marijuana recommendations and cards to over 40,000 patients across the state completely online, and now aim to provide medical marijuana certifications in New York to patients in need.

By taking advantage of the New York Telehealth Amendment Act (aka SB 2405), NuggMD can now provide a 100% legal telemedicine service connecting needy patients with licensed medical professionals who can quickly and easily issue medical cannabis “certifications.” The platform lets you meet a doctor online through a live video consultation, and makes access to medical cannabis much easier for millions of New Yorkers.

New York Medical Marijuana Certification

How Does a Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Evaluation Work?

The NuggMD site is easily accessed through a web browser like Firefox or Chrome and lets you sign up in minutes. Simply fill out some basic personal info, upload your identification and medical documentation, then meet with a doctor via video for about 15 minutes, discussing how cannabis can improve your quality of life.

Speaking one-on-one with a doctor can happen wherever you have access to a webcam, so any PC, laptop, tablet or smart device will work. And since there’s no time wasted on on-site appointments, the doctor is always in—well, at least from 10am-10pm EST.

First-time New York MMJ certifications are $199 and renewals are $99, although we’ve heard from the company founder that they’re considering dropping their price to $149, which will make it the cheapest cannabis certification you’ll find in all of New York!

Your certification is legally recognized by the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Medical Marijuana Certification Program for one year.

If you’re not approved, don’t worry; you won’t be charged a thing. The state’s cannabis regulations are complicated enough without having to worry about extra fees, and NuggMD has made it clear that their platform for online 420 evaluations is about expanding access to cannabis, not securing profits.

New York Cannabis Dispensary

How Do I Get Started?

Just have your New York ID and medical documents ready (you’ll need to have one of the qualifying conditions recognized by the state of New York to be eligible), then jump over to NuggMD’s online telemedicine portal to start!

That’s it, you’ll be chatting with a mmj doctor in no time! Getting your MMJ credentials in New York state has never been so quick and easy. There’s no reason why laws creating tedious searching and sketchy services should keep you from getting the medication you need.

Remember, as long as you have a valid medical reason and access to a video capture device, you’re only a video call away from seeing a certified doctor and grabbing your medical marijuana certificate online, stress-free!

Once you receive your certification, NuggMD will arm you with exact instructions on how to register your patient-status with the state. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to use your certification to purchase medical cannabis products from any of the licensed dispensaries in New York!

And stay tuned, because NuggMD has plans to partner with New York dispensaries and make their online cannabis delivery marketplace available to residents of the Empire State!


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