Already a beloved convenience in England (well documented by the protagonist’s regular, boozy commutes in The Girl on the Train), the tinned G&T could well become a thing in Brooklyn as well—thanks to the (canny) machinations of East Williamsburg’s enterprising Interboro Spirits & Ales.

Featuring the brewery/distillery’s very own Dutch-style, Goodwin Hill Gin (packed with botanicals like coriander, black pepper, licorice and angelica roots, in addition to the expected juniper and lemon), as well as assertively citrusy tonic and a splash of fresh lime, it’s long been a popular on-tap option in their tasting room.  But after recently dividing a 450-gallon cocktail into a series of 12-ounce, $24 four packs, the company has successfully realized an enduring goal—to become New York’s go-to purveyor of gin in a tin.

Sadly, and in contrast to London’s bevy of well-stocked off-licenses—the cans can only be obtained on site, and our open-liquor laws are considerably less lax.  Meaning Brooklyn’s would-be Girls on the Subway would be well advised to brown bag it.

942 Grand St., (877) 843-6545, East Williamsburg


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