Itty bitty Baba Cool is already the queen of Fort Greene’s breakfast scene, blowing up early morning insta’s with images of chia pudding, butternut squash bowls, and the requisite avo toast. And after a recent renovation, the clean-living café is showing off some seductive night moves as well, expanding their repertoire with a distinctive “after hours” program.

Newly operational from 6-10pm, “signature potions” like golden milk lattes and activated hot chocolate now share counter space with Transmitter Brewery Ales and on-tap Gotham Project wines. And while abstaining from protein-centric entrees, deep-fried mélanges, and other traditional evening feeds, the eatery’s entirely gluten and dairy free lineup of dishes ($7.50 each, $18 for three, plus $3.50 for a side of herb broth or rice) remains wholly on message: think roasted cauliflower with charcoal tahini and goji berries, blistered graffiti eggplant with miso and mizuna, dandelion greens dotted with bird’s eye chilies, and shaved brussel sprout salad bathed in switchel vinaigrette.

Which is to say, ravenous diners will likely require a short rib pick-me-up at The Smoke Joint afterwards—but it’s a consummate evening option for Baba’s congenitally cool customers.

64B Lafayette Ave., (347) 689-2344, Fort Greene

Photos by Ethan Covey


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