Coffee is easy to come by most anywhere on Court Street, whether procured from a café, bought from a bakery, or purchased from a corner bodega. Yet alternative options fade away in the presence of East One, occupying an imposing, shale gray edifice on the intersection of Carroll.

bkmag_eastone_janebruce_171Perches running the length of wide-open, floor-to-ceiling windows are reason enough for laptop-tappers to flock to the drinkery in droves—though as an onsite, Diedrich IR 12 Roaster infers, it’s hardly a means to an outlet. Situated in its own, glassed-in showroom, the machine toasts regular shipments of single-origin green beans from Axiom Ventures and Crop to Cup, which are composed into espressos, cold brews and lattes, capped with painstakingly calibrated foam via a cutting age Slayer Steam (the first of its kind in the U.S.)

bkmag_eastone_janebruce_010And being based off of the Australia/UK all-day model (owners Tom Cummings and Morten Tjelum founded NewRow and FreeState Coffee in London), means that flat whites and pastries are merely a jumping off point at East One. A liquor license lures visitors well into the evening (and makes a roster of coffee cocktails a distinct possibility), and a fine dining chef (Will Ono, of The Clocktower, Chez Moi, La Fonda del Sol and Café Boulud) has been commissioned to create a compelling food program, running the gamut from malted pancakes, carrot and einkorn salad, Fleisher’s burgers and yes—avocado toast—to an authentic pozole verde, brimming with pork bone broth, hominy, and seared poblano chiles.

bkmag_eastone_janebruce_122With respect to Carroll Gardens’s myriad caffeine pit-stops, it all makes East One Coffee Roasters incredibly hard to ignore—and even tougher to leave.

384 Court St, (347) 987-4919

Photos by Jane Bruce


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