Manufacturing in Brooklyn is currently having a huge moment, and at the forefront of it all are Matthew Burnett & Tanya Menendez, co-founders of Maker’s Row. Having both worked in leather goods prior to joining forces, the duo are committed to seeing through that every “maker’s” dreams come true: from concept to the final product. The two are excited to see more and more entrepreneurs taking the leap into manufacturing, and creating items that solve problems within their own communities.
How and why did you become involved in your line of work, ultimately resulting in heading up your influential startup, Maker’s Row?
Both Matthew and I owned a leather goods line before Maker’s Row where we experienced first hand how challenging it is to get physical products made.
What do you find most fulling about your work?
Definitely speaking to business owners and seeing their businesses grow.
Tell us a little bit about your day to day and what’s at stake when it comes to running a US manufacturing platform?
We are currently focused on enhancing the search and bidding experience, and launching the packaging industry March 1!
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What are your proudest achievements with this work and what are your greatest challenge?
One of our factories, Suuchi, started her factory and receives most of her business through the platform. She went from 0 to 25 employees, and 0 to $1.5M in one year, using Maker’s Row!!
What do you hope changes or improves (or continues!) with Maker’s Row and the industry in the future?
We are excited to see more and more entrepreneurs taking the leap, and creating products that solve problems within their own communities.


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