Rachael Pazdan
From a young age, Rachael Pazdan has been enamored with the magic of live performance. So when the opportunity to pursue a career in music curation presented itself while working in arts organizations and venues in New York after university, she seized it and began her curatorial career at Manhattan Inn, which has since shut its doors. She now serves as Music Director at Le Poisson Rouge, where she navigates the New York music scene in order to secure the success of both emerging and established artists, booking live shows in over ten music venues across New York City as LPR Presents. She is also particularly proud of her work as music curator and producer of the female collaborative concert series called The Hum. In all of her endeavors, Pazdan is intent on harnessing the hunger for live music and the electricity it yields.
How/why did you become involved in your line of work?
I love supporting artists (since college) and the magic of live performances (since childhood), and fell into programming throughout my career working in arts organizations and venues in New York.
Tell us a little bit about your present work, the Cliffs Notes version of your day to day and what is at stake:
Navigating the New York music scene, from emerging to established artists, and booking their live shows in over 10 music venues across New York City as LPR Presents (extension of Le Poisson Rouge). Programming/producing the female collaborative concert series The Hum. Seeing shows every goddamn night!
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What do you find most fulling about your work?
Experiencing the show I booked. That feeling when the room is buzzing and the artists get on stage and use that energy to transcend their performance. That electricity is why I do what I do.
What is your proudest achievement with this work and what is your greatest challenge?
Proudest achievement is creating The Hum series as a space for female musicians to grow in their community and create new work. Greatest challenge is finding time for myself and not being a work-o-holic!
What do you hope changes or improves (or continues!) in your field in the future?
I hope that audiences continue to stay hungry and adventurous for live concert experiences, and don’t grow complacent at home in front of their computers.
Who would you nominate for this list?
Mindy Abovitz, creator of Tom Tom Magazine.
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Photo by Daniel Dorsa. 


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