DIY venue Death By Audio was totally alive, right up until the moment of its death. We’ve Come So Far – The Last Days Of Death By Audio, the beautiful book celebrating it, is the work of photographer Ebru Yildiz. Born in Turkey, she went to Pratt and has been crawling around New York’s music scene since 1998. Her work has been featured in places like The New York Times, Pitchfork, Spin, Interview Magazine, FADER, The Creative Independent and more.
How and why did you become involved in your line of work? What would you even call what you do?
I became involved with music photography because of my obsession with music. I have always loved seeing live music. When I moved to New York, I started going to shows every night, and I kind of just wanted a reason to be right in the front of the stage, seeing musicians’ faces and their expressions. I was taking a darkroom class and I started making photos at shows and fell madly in love. If it wasn’t officially called portrait/music photography, I guess I would say I am a collector of emotions and faces.
Tell us a little bit about your present work, the Cliffs Notes version of your day to day and what is at stake.
It’s always so hectic! If I’m shooting – even if the shoot is only for couple of hours – I can’t do anything else untill I am done with the shoot. I can’t get my head out of it. Before the shoot, I research the person I am about to shoot, if it is on location, I go early to scout spots to make the photos at. If it is at the studio, I start setting the lights up. If I am not shooting, I am almost always at Brooklyn Grain -the photo studios in Greenpoint that I co-own with my husband Mitchell King. I edit photos, pitch new stories to publications, and fill my inspiration scrapbook.
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What do you find most fulfilling about your work?
Meeting people! There is nothing I love more than meeting new people and hearing their stories.
What is your proudest achievement with this work and what is your greatest challenge?
I had two projects that I worked on and I can say I’m equally proud of both. One is a photo essay with Turkish musicians that I worked on for Pitchfork and the other is the photography book I put out about the closing down of the beloved DIY music venue Death By Audio. My greatest challenge is networking. I simply can’t.
What do you hope changes or improves (or continues!) in your field in the future?
I just hope companies like Kodak will never stop making film and bring back all the films that they discontinued.
Who would you nominate for this list?
Brandon Stousy , T. Cole Rachel.
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Photo by Maggie Shannon. 


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