Which Bar Stereotypes Are True?

When you hit your local watering hole, you’ve got questions. It’s ok—we all do. How do we get some answers to those burning questions? Well, there’s no better way than to go directly to the source. We give you, below, our February tips for tips on how some of the burning mysteries play out for some regular bar attendees.


Where he presides:

No. 7 Restaurant, Fort Greene
Favorite Drink:
Harry Callahan

“I was working at a very busy bar, which only had one bartender and one barback. More often than not, the bar was four or five people deep, with customers waiting impatiently. This happened so much, I was written about on social media. They called me the “mean bartender.” I ended up getting fired.”





Where he presides:
Sidecar, South Slope

Favorite Drink:
Anything with bourbon

“When people and situations are at their worst, I choose to look at them in a positive light. It doesn’t help to see anything negatively. That’s my philosophy.”



Where she presides:
Strong Place, Cobble Hill

Favorite Drink:
Smuttynose Rocky Road Stout
“I was working as a busser, and I ran into my ex at work, who I hadn’t seen in nine years. He was on a date. I looked really bad, and it was the epitome of embarrassing. Running into an ex while you are gross and sweaty is not the way you want to be seen. The next week, he brought in another date.” ♦