Hear ye, hear ye, more fuckwittery.

First order of business: Trump may or may not know who Frederick Douglass is as evident by his Black History Month speech. Equally terrifying is his tenacity when it comes to decrying false reports that he had removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office on such a day. Here’s the full baffling transcript.

Footage emerges of Trump telling Jorge Ramos, a Mexican-born American journalist and author, to ‘go back to Univision’ and to ‘sit down’ repeatedly. They escorted him OUT OF A PRESS CONFERENCE for his very valid and pertinent queries. There is nothing left to say. Watch the befuddled, beady-eyed sociopath in action.

@Trump_Regrets must be followed on Twitter. They are retweeting everyone who regrets voting for Donald Trump. Hilarity ensues, and is quickly followed by despair.

More than 1,000 bodegas across New York City will go on strike Thursday in protest of DT’s immigration order. The upset multiplies with each passing day.

Senate confirms Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former ExxonMobil CEO with a dearth of governmental experience and business ties to Russia, 56-43, which means Dems are crossing party lines to support him on the floor. Spines are shattering.  

Speaking of spines shattering, 14 Democrats in the Senate have voted for every single nominee of Trump’s that has been approved thus far.

Dems, first attempting to delay committee votes with certain procedural tactics, ultimately choose to boycott them entirely with Trump’s Health and Human Services and Treasury nominees. This induces Republicans to alter the rules to approve the candidates without their vote, thereby passing Tom Price and Steve Mnuchin through committee. Could we be on the brink of total partisan warfare? Probably.

Republicans also advance nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, but there is a vague glimmer of hope (vague being the operative word) as two GOP senators, Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine), signaled they do not plan to support the president’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos. The one who knows not shit about student loans.  

Republicans continue their deal with the orange-hued devil in order to score major wins on some of their key issues such as the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch (someone who could seriously tip the court’s balance on issues such as abortion, voting rights and religious equality)  to the Supreme Court. This is more likely than not a strategic move to bag evangelical voters and movement conservatives. Pretty savvy for someone who gives not one fuck, but we all know who’s really pulling the strings

Trump urges Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “go nuclear,’ for Gorsuch because Democrats are ‘obstructionists’.

Donald Trump’s campaign paid his businesses $12.8 million from the time he launched his presidential bid through the end of last year. You read correctly.

There was a rally last night at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza calling out U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to take a firm stand against the Trump administration. The rally is a part of an ongoing series aptly dubbed ‘What the Fuck Chuck?’ and it’s helped Chuck find his spine.

House moves to encourage drilling in national parks. Surprised? Count your blessings.  

New York, Massachusetts and Virginia joined Washington state in suing the Trump administration over the  heinous travel ban. No time for thumb twiddling.

Congress can basically use the CRA to repeal any rule finished by Obama after mid-June 2016. This list spans more than 50 major regulations, and this week, the beloved GOP will kill two big environmental rules. Aren’t we lucky.

#StartWithSeattle trends as vote to send ordinances to divest and cancel $3 Billion contract with Wells Fargo for investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline transpires. RESIST.

You curious about U.S. politicians’ stances about the recent immigration executive order? Check this out.   

A Democratic lawmaker introduced key legislation today. If passed, it would drive out President Trump’s top political adviser, Stephen Bannon, from the National Security Council, where he has no business being in the first place. Zero. The cesspool continues to spawn cretins of the most odious variety.

CNN will air the debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz February 7th at 9 PM ET. Even though CNN was iced out by the Trump Administration (lol wut), they are not ghosting.

So, as you can see, momentum proceeds. Stay woke.


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