Day Seven in Trump’s World

Trade wars, military expansion and anti-abortion crusaders.

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We’ll be keeping tabs on all of the (mostly alarming) shit that happens under Trump’s watch: Here are today’s highlights. Dare you to read all the way to the bottom.

  • Trump signed two more executive orders today, one expanding the power of the military and the other asking for “extreme vetting” of visa seekers for countries with terrorism. Trump said we “let people in without vetting them.” The USA currently has a 9 step procedure before allowing in visa seekers.
  • Mexicans launch a mass boycott on US goods and products in protestor of Trump’s planned border wall and 20% import tax on Mexican goods to fund the wall.
  • Trump’s proposed tariff on Mexican imports will be horrible for the food and beverage industry, and everyone who enjoys food and beverages.
  • VP Pence and Kellyanne Conway spoke at an anti-abortion rally today protesting Roe v. Wade. Pence said “life is winning,” while the Trump admin continues to gut healthcare—which will devastate the already born.
  • Abortion rates in the US are at an all time low.
  • Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin over the weekend, putting into question if he will consider lifting sanctions off of Russia. This even concerns Senator John McCain.
  • Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis was sworn in.
  • Trump, with the support of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, has repeatedly stated that the unemployment rate is a lie and “the biggest joke there is.” The unemployment rate is 5.6%.
  • New Trump senior economic advisor Gary Cohn is leaving his career at Goldman and Sachs with $285 Million in payouts. Sounds really legit.
  • UN Ambassador Nikki Haley addressed the UN for the first time today, stating “for those who don’t have our backs, we are taking names.”
  • The new personhood bill, HR 586, in the pipeline on the Trump regime’s quest to make abortion illegal will ban in vitro fertilization procedures.
  • Trump issues a statement in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day after he pledged to release a weekly report of crimes committed by immigrants. The Nazis released a similar report focused on Jewish people.
  • University of MD President calls sanctuary universities “unnecessary”.
  • Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May addressed a press conference today.
  • Actor Shia Labeouf returns to his anti-Trump protest installation a day after being arrested for fighting a Nazi.
  • Trump says sanctuary cities are a hotbed of crime, facts and real data say otherwise.
  • The Scientists March on Washington officially has a website. 
  • Trump campaigner Terea Unrue is joining the Education Department, despite her history of outwardly racist posts.
  • A man was kicked out of JFK Airport after kicking an airport staff member who was wearing a hijab and yelling “Trump is here now.”
  • With the ACA on the chopping block, the future of HIV prevention and treatment is uncertain.
  • The GOP still is no closer to coming up with a solution to replace the ACA after the GOP retreat yesterday.
  • Hospitals are weary of further innovations in care with the repeal of the ACA.
  • Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada has a Twitter flip out over the proposed border wall, making #FuckingWall start trending.

Here is yesterday’s list of terror is you missed it. Tweet at us more news @brooklynmag.


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