To say the least, there have been a lot of changes in the past few months—and the past week or so, in particular—that induce anxiety. There’s never a bad time to stand up for a cause that you believe in, but at the same time, now seems like a better time than ever to do such a thing. On Monday 1/30, Saturday Night Live/Weekend Update star Michael Che is hosting his own secret show at The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, where tickets—which have already sold out— were $20 a pop, with 100% of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. The comedian says he’ll match the total donation amount himself, as well.

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Monday, 1/30 im hosting a show at knitting factory with a top secret lineup. $20. every dime goes to planned parenthood & im matching the door. link in bio.

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The comedian cites ‘a top secret’ lineup in his Instagram post, and given who his friends are—the Saturday Night Live cast and alumni—it’s safe to assume that it should be a pretty exciting and laugh-filled showcase.

Unfortunately, the event sold out quickly after Che posted the information on his Instagram account, but nonetheless, this should be a great event and generate a lot of money for a great cause. Che, whose shoot-from-the-hip style landed him a brief gig on The Daily Show before he came to SNL in 2014, has been a fixture in the New York City stand-up scene for years, and even just released a great new special on Netflix, Michael Che Matters. 

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, Che has announced that he’ll be holding another show in the coming weeks/months with another secret lineup. We’ll be waiting anxiously:

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