Day Six in Trump’s World


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We’ll be keeping tabs on all of the (mostly alarming) shit that happens under Trump’s watch: Here are today’s highlights. Dare you to read all the way to the bottom.

  • All of the senior level management at the State Department either resigned or were fired today, reports are conflicting. This comes the day after Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State.
  • No Muslim dominant country that Trump does business with is included in his proposed travel ban on Muslims entering the USA.
  • Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested at the site of his protest live stream last night in Queens after a confrontation with a neo-Nazi. The neo-Nazi yelled “Hitler did nothing wrong.” LaBeouf is charged with assault and harassment. The neo-Nazi was not charged.
  • Alt-right and neo-Nazi groups are becoming rapidly more organized using sites like 4chan to connect with one another, like their planned engagement with Shia Labeouf’s protest.
  • Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto made another statement in opposition to the proposed border wall between the USA and Mexico.
  • The scheduled meeting between Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Trump has been cancelled due to the proposed border wall.
  • Texas Republicans introduced various efforts to strip rights from LGBT Texans. One is a bathroom bill barring transgender people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. The second challenges the states current policy that allows LGBT married couples the same access to housing benefits as straight couples.
  • The Old State Department Library in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building appears to have no books but ones that are about Trump.
  • VP Pence will speak at an anti-abortion rally.
  • Trump’s EPA pick Scott Pruit chose to not enforce environmental protection laws because they were broken by some of his major campaign donors.
  • White nationalist owned “news” outlet Breitbart reporter Virginia Hale is under fire for being a racist. Shocking.
  • While Trump continues his crusade against “voter fraud” and finding people who are registered to vote in two states, reports reveal his son-in-law Jared Kushner and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer are registered in two states.
  • Trump addresses GOP staffers at a retreat in Philadelphia. Continues to claim he can bring back coal jobs.
  • Mass protests pop up in Philadelphia, where Trump was giving the keynote speech at the GOP retreat.
  • White House phone lines are still not on for the public. Here is where you can contact him.
  • Trump to publish weekly report on crimes committed by immigrants, like Nazis did with Jewish people.
  • After five days in office, Trump’s approval ratings are in at 36%.
  • NASA joins the other ranks of science departments to start a rogue Twitter account, defying Trump’s orders for them to not release any data to the public.
  • Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones of InfoWars is allowed official press credentials to attend White House press briefings.
  • North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum launched a propaganda riddled website to “inform” residents about crucial happenings, like progress with the newly-back-on Dakota Access Pipeline. This website has a list of “myths” (AKA things that actually happened and are facts) denied by the local government.
  • Since Nazis are all over the place in the USA now, here is a brief history of Americans and Nazis.
  • White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted what appeared to be a password twice.
  • Chief White House strategist and white supremacist Steve Bannon said the media should “keep it’s mouth shut,” and also called the media the “opposition party”. Guess he doesn’t like when actual facts are reported.
  • Trump says in his keynote speech to GOP staff in Philadelphia today that the city’s murder rate was skyrocketing–it isn’t. It is decreasing.
  • Trump proposed implementing a 20% import tax on Mexicans good to pay for the border wall.
  • A mumps outbreak has occurred in Washington State. The CDC recommends getting vaccinated.
  • has turned off their online petitions platform.
  • Trump has proposed a massive budget cut and staffing cut to the EPA, because the planet isn’t dying or anything.
  • Ivanka Trump’s website is promoting a Russian app that tracks your location.
  • The Doomsday Clock moves 30 seconds closer to midnight–the closest it has been since the 1950s.
  • Rep. Tom Price’s confirmation to lead the Health and Human Services department is darkened by his stock holdings and shady past.
  • Trump’s long-form interview on ABC News last night included more crowd-counting obsession and voter fraud lies. Watch it here.
  • Boston, a sanctuary city, has denounced Trump’s plan strip funding from sanctuary cities. Mayor Walsh vows immigrants are still safe there.
  • Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has ordered that the county must comply with new federal immigration detention requests–ending the county’s position as a sanctuary city for immigrants.
  • Alt-right neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer was punched not just once, but twice at Trump’s inauguration. 

And just to further question DOE nominee Betsy DeVos’ legitimacy, it appears she invested in a Gary Busey film.

Here is yesterday’s hellfire if you missed it. Tweet at us if we forgot anything! @brooklynmag


  1. SO far it’s actually looking good. He seems to be keeping most of his campaign promises; a lot of people didn’t think that he would!


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