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We’ll be keeping tabs on all of the (mostly alarming) shit that happens under Trump’s watch: Here are today’s highlights.

  • Trump has announced he is issuing a temporary ban on travel from Muslim dominant countries, including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and the Sudan. He has also ordered a temporary ban on refugees.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was issued an order that all research by their scientists will face a ‘case by case review’ from Trump’s team.
  • Trump is preparing to order construction on the wall between the USA and Mexican borders. During the campaign, Trump had insisted Mexico would pay for the wall, but now he has announced US taxpayers will pay for the wall.
  • Trump has announced he plans to lift the ban on CIA ‘black site’ prisons, including Guantanamo Bay.
  • Despite voter fraud claims being debunked multiple times, Trump plans to pursue a vigilant voter fraud campaign, attempting to prove he did not lose the popular vote by 3 million votes. He explained he wants to crack down on voters who are “illegal”, are deceased, or registered to vote in two states. Fun fact, his daughter Tiffany Trump and his Chief Advisor Steve Bannon are registered to vote in two states. His cabinet nominee to head the Treasury Department, Steve Mnuchin, is also registered to vote in two states. Funny how that works.
  • The State Department under Trump is reviewing Obama’s decision to send aid dollars to Palestine.
  • Storm Troopers made a rare appearance on the streets of Portland to strike Trump protestors that were blocking traffic with batons and to detain them. Oh, wait–that was the police.
  • Audio from a meeting in regards to Energy Transfer Partners, who are in charge of building the Dakota Access Pipeline was released by Shaun King. The secret audio recording reveals executives discussing they had never intended to cease construction and were just waiting for Trump to take office.
  • Trump announces he will pick the reporters allowed to cover the White House in the press circle.
  • #ThankYouTrump Twitter rally backfires immediately.
  • Next week, Trump is expected to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court. His shortlist of picks includes Judge William H Pryor, the former Alabama Attorney General who is antigay rights, and is an advocate to make gay sex a crime.
  • EPA was directed to remove climate pages from their website.
  • The federal hiring freeze and the dismantling of the APA is a nightmare for our veterans.
  • Four more journalists with valid press credentials have been charged with a felony for rioting and face up to ten years in prison when they were arrested at Trump’s inauguration day while covering protests. This is a violation of the first amendment.
  • Police are charging people in Louisiana who “resist” arrest with a felony hate crime against the police, punishable with ten years in prison.
  • Minnesota passes a bill stating it can charge protestors the fees needed to police the protest.
  • South Dakota lawmakers have declared a ‘state of emergency’ when voters voted in favor of a stronger independent ethics committee, tasked with monitoring campaign donations, abuse of power, etc. Republican leadership is eager to suppress the bill, despite receiving an “F” rating for ethics last year.
  • After being banned by the Trump administration from using Twitter, the National Parks Department has created new Twitter accounts in defiance. You can follow them to still receive scientifically proven facts about climate.
  • The USDA has lifted its gag order on their science division after public outrage.
  • WeSearchr was suspended from Twitter after attempting to raise money to find who punched neo-Nazi Richard Spencer in the face.
  • Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is now trying to #SueTwitter for banning WeSearchr from Twitter for above reasons. Twitter does not have to allow hate speach or give the “alt-right” additional resources.
  • Trump has threatened to implement martial law in Chicago to stop the “carnage”. Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggests investing in after school programs instead.
  • Death Valley National Parks resists the ban Trump has imposed on the park departments using Twitter to tweet facts about Japanese internment camps.
  • Despite Trump claiming to not use the presidency in favor of his business interests, Trump Hotels has announced plans to triple their number of hotels in the USA.
  • The Netherlands counters Trump reinstating the global gag order by announcing an international abortion fund.
  • White House sends an official press release with headlines that praise Trump.
  • Greenpeace activists scale a crane near the White House to drop a banner that says “resist”. 
  • Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s “winter White House” property, has increased it’s membership fees by $200,000 a year since Trump was inaugurated. Great place to go to pay money to lobby the President.
  • The President of Mexico has announced he will cancel his meeting with Trump if plans for the wall advance.
  • Instagram posts show Trump’s foreign business investors enjoying VIP treatment at the inauguration.
  • According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual report on democracy, the USA no longer is considered a full democracy. We land 21 on the global list, below Japan and tied with Italy.
  • Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone.
  • Trump’s mass deportation plan is estimated to cost $117 Billion over 10 years.
  • Here is where you can read Trump’s plan for the border wall.
  • Trump’s staffers are using private e-mail servers. But hey, remember “lock her up?”
  • Following Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on Meet the Press, in which she said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer used “alternative facts” to report the size of Trump’s inauguration crowds, the book 1984 jumped to the top of’s bestseller list.

Well, i’m exhausted. Here is all that happened yesterday if you need to feel more terror.

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