Until Tomorrow occupies an exceedingly skinny Myrtle Ave. space, with the option to eventually expand next door, should there prove great enough demand. And there seems little reason locals wouldn’t embrace the unaffected Clinton Hill bar, where gratis Chex Mix is replaced by Snyder’s-inspired honey mustard pretzel bites, and “Donkey Kong” cocktails feature rum infused with Jamaican currant bread pudding.



It might appear incongruous that chef/partner Dave Ralston’s resume includes Luksus and Blue Hill, since there’s nothing especially precious about his food (a direct response, he says, to having burned out on ego-driven cuisine). Alongside those pretzels, you’ll find house-fried chips and fruity tomatillo salsa, hot Italian sausage-based corn dogs, and sloppy joes, which comically eclipse their brioche buns.


If there’s anything that remotely approaches gimmick, it’s Until Tomorrow’s bespoke pickleback program—yet even that is simply to facilitate slamming shots. Devised by Beverage Director Rob Giles (formerly of Erv’s on Beekman), combos include Tromba Plata tequila with tomatillo, cilantro, mint and jalapeño; Rittenhouse rye teamed with Manischewitz garam masala curry and raisin, and Sochu paired with fermented pineapple, lemongrass and habanero—watch us taste our way through the entire lineup here!

507 Myrtle Ave., Clinton Hill

Photos by Jane Bruce


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