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Hybrids, generally speaking, are exciting. Take the best of one thing, add it to the best of another, voilà. You’ve got yourself a Double Best-Situation on your hands.

But there is a second matter to consider regarding hybrids, and it is the following: Certain things do not go together. Oil and water. The colors orange and green. Shorts and winter. Elevator jazz and human ears.

The latest creation from expert hybrid baker Dominique Ansel, from Dominique Ansel Kitchensounds like it is one of those things. Ansel, in collaboration with Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske (from restaurants Wildair and Contra) have made an Apple Pie Corn Dog, and it is available for public consumption starting this weekend. Generally speaking, I have nothing against the combination of savory and sweet. I even like it very much. But something about apple pie with corn dog wiener elicits a gut reaction of, “Gross.” Or more simply, “No.”

Luckily, Ansel’s Apple Pie Corn Dog does not actually contain a dog. Instead, it’s composed of a cornmeal crust, an almond biscuit wrap, and is stuffed with roasted parsnip ice cream and caramelized Gala apple rather than wiener meat. The top is drizzled with house-made apple caramel and comes with a potato chip feuilletine. In short, this is kind of a normal treat disguised as an innovative hybrid treat. But, lo, how a name has gotten all of our attention anyway. Nice one, Ansel.

These food con-artistes have also concocted a quince apple cider to gulp alongside the faux hybrid food so that, in the end, this is the very opposite of hybrid anything, but a big monolith of sweet.

If any of that appeals to you at all—because after all there is legit shock value in telling your friends you’ve met and consumed an Apple Pie Corn Dog—the experience can be yours for $7 (minus the cider, and made to order) starting this Saturday, January 14, through Monday, January 16th.

H/T: Time Out New York


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