To put it lightly, 2016 has been a bummer. Deaths, followed by more deaths (RIP, George Michael!), and even more deaths (RIP, Carrie Fisher!), political hells, closings…  we’ve been witness to a deluge of the tragic and unpleasant.

Lower on that list of bummers are long-loved businesses that, this year, too, have seen their last days (Daddy’s! How I shall miss you). Still, those closings sting in their own and very real way. The latest to join this particular group, reports Brooklyn Vegan, is Cake Shop, the bar and live music and comedy venue that hit all the right notes, open on Ludlow Street since 2015.

The business, reports Brooklyn Vegan, announced their closing without fanfare—fitting for a venue whose up-and-coming and established musical and comedic acts spoke plenty loudly for themselves. For years, however (as Brooklyn Vegan has previously reported), Cake Shop made no secret of its struggle to make ends meet. This year, fittingly, seems to have provided the final straw.

A couple shows (including one last night, and another tomorrow, the 28th, and Friday, the 30th) will provide Cake Shop with its proper and final salutations, followed by a straight-up party on New Year’s Eve. And fear (a little less thoroughly) not: Brooklyn Vegan also reports that the venue “is looking to potentially reopen in Brooklyn.”

By every measure, this year has been a big pile of merde. But Cake Shop, at least, may rise yet, like a sweet, iced phoenix from its dirtied ashes.

Image via Cake Shop Instagram


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