Our condolences, vegetarian sports fans: as you’ll soon have to get your buffalo cauliflower fix elsewhere. After rising to the top of the Park Slope food chain with a trio of seemingly prosperous restaurants, the Three Kings Hospitality Group has steadily deconstructed their dynasty this past year—starting with Pork Slope in October, and as of Monday, Thistle Hill Tavern as well.

Categorically the most sedate of the team’s numerous projects, the dark wood and stained glass-clad Thistle Hill was best known for burgers paired with salt and pepper french fries, rather than pretzel pork potstickers (Talde) and philly cheesesteak eggrolls (Pork Slope). “We built Thistle to be a home away from home – for us, for our staff, for our guests. We are very sad about its closing, but it helped us turn a great group of people into a family,” said co-owner, David Massoni.

1459966622940“A house is not a home, a home is made up of the people in it, and our people who we care about deeply have either gone on to other great things on their own, or they’ve stayed with us at Talde Brooklyn, Talde Jersey City and Talde Miami Beach, as well as (three new Manhattan projects) Massoni, Rice & Gold and Green Lady,” he continued. “We are immensely proud of each and every member of our great big dysfunctional family, and it all started at little old Thistle Hill Tavern!”

Thankfully, it seems the spirit of both shuttered spaces will live on in the Three King’s upcoming Atlantic Social at 673 Atlantic Avenue, located directly across the street from the Barclays Center. While it will doubtless appeal to the rowdy Pork Slope crowds with 16 flat-screen TV’s and 80 bar seats, THT-types will similarly find refuge in a 160-seat dining room. As for the menu, it will gamely split the difference between the two, offering rustic fare like seasonal pastas, pan-style pizza, alongside General Tso’s chicken wings.

We’re holding out for the return of that brilliant buffalo cauliflower.


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