The latest film from Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel, came out two-and-a-half years ago, but it feels much longer ago than that. It’s just under two years, now, since it was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and earned the director his first Academy Award nomination for directing, and his third for writing. Finally, the thirst for more from Anderson can be at least quasi-quenched, as he has graced us with a new short film.

Titled Come Together, this short is just under four minutes long, and was produced as a promotion for fine purveyor of clothing, H&M. The film has an unquestionable holiday flavor, with the tunes, color scheme. Taking place on a locomotive, the camera steadily pans from car-to-car, showing us the quaint and eccentric symmetry that has become Anderson’s hallmark. And, there is a familiar Andersonian face behind it—a mustachioed Adrien Brody, who starred in The Darjeeling Limited and Grand Budapest. 

It’s not Anderson’s first foray into commercial filmmaking or shorts: think of this memorable American Express ad, or the short film that debuted in front of Darjeeling, starring Jason Schwartzman and titled Hotel Chevalier. But we are quite grateful for more as we await his next feature-length project.

Check out Come Together below:


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