For almost 60 years, Di Fara Pizza in Midwood has given Brooklyn some of the best pizza made anywhere. The business, begun by Dom DeMarco—who famously and personally makes each of his pies—attracts lines of crazed pizza droolers that last more than 90 minutes outside of his inconspicuous shop.

In a borough that does not lack for slices of melted cheese on top of baked dough, Di Fara’s has long been acknowledge—from Mayor Bill de Blasio to the New York Times to Anthony Bourdain to anyone who knows what they’re talking about at all—to make the very best pizza around. In recent years, we’ve made two lists of Brooklyn’s best pizza-by-the-slice that, as a rule, did not include Di Fara’s: their pies are so decisively in a category of their own that none other can be listed beside them.

But to repeat: It is nearly impossible, save for the truly and unreasonably patient, to get one’s hands on any of it. To put it lightly, this $5 slice can’t be beat, and there’s a time-investment waiting behind a statement like that.

Which is why the news that Brooklyn’s most famous pie maker has started to deliver fresh slices (and soon, whole pies) directly to our hands, was akin to receiving manna from heaven—a place that we imagine is not qualitatively so different from Di Fara’s itself.

DNAinfo reports that anyone living between Bay Ridge and Ditmas Park can order slices of Di Fara via UberEats between the hours of noon and 5pm. Apparently, a Daily Meal writer tried this out last Friday. Her neural pathways short-circuited momentarily when an UberEats bicycle messenger presented her with individually packaged slices of Di Fara in less than an hour. To make matters more euphoric, according to manager Maggie DeMarco and DNAinfo, Di Fara will soon start to deliver whole pies via Uber cars, too.

The Internet can be a horrible place—say, for example, when it helps boost a serial liar and misogynist into the land’s highest elected office—but it has also given us Di Fara’s by the slice, delivered directly to us. I’m going to call this one a zero-sum game.


  1. I’m amazed that they’ll be able to do deliveries with the slow pace at which Dom makes his pies and the lines of people who wait for them while salivating. I’m salivating just thinking about it! I haven’t had his pizza for about eight years since I moved away from Midwood to ditmas park. As great as his pizzas are I couldn’t wait for an hour and a half for a pie. But, this is definitely good news if they’re able to pull it off. Looking forward to dazzling my taste buds once again cause most of the pizza around ditmas park sucks! Thanks for the tip.

  2. This broad Natalie is insane by calling Trump a huge liar! Hillary is the ultimate lying political coward. Crying about it just makes you an even bigger sore loser, lady!

  3. I wish they would use an independent delivery service for this. especially considering Dom’s personal touch with the pies. I doubt uber delivery personnel will be paying as close attention to the delivery end of these fine fine pizzas , as Dom does when he is making them.


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