What to Get for Everyone: Health & Wellness


Beside Magazine, dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts across America
In this age of connectivity, we all need to get out, and hike, or fish, or camp, and unplug in nature a little more. This brand new magazine will inspire you to do so. besidemagazine.com, $18.50

Armstrong’s All Natural Piñon Pine Salve
Use it for the health of your butcher block, skin, lips, or hair—this salve will improve the well being of most things that need moisture, nothing artificial included. brooklynbootwax.com, $16

Chef’s 3 Day Provenance Meal Plan
Get healthy, three meals a day, in three days, choosing from vegan, fish, meat and poultry dishes, from this Brooklyn cleanse company. provenancemeals.com, $195

Run Brooklyn Cap, One size fits all
Guess what? Baseball hats are cool. So is running. Be fit and look good while you’re at it wearing this (appropriately non-brightly-colored for Brooklyn) cap. brooklynrunningco.com, $30

Jade Yoga Voyager Mat
Everyone loves yoga—but sometimes lugging around your mat is no fun. Try this exceptionally thin one for easy portage, and salute that sun wherever you go. jadeyoga.com, $35

Morphologically Palo Santo Aromatic Wood
Good health also comes from good-smelling, healthy environments—and these Palo Santo Sticks will help create them—but they are also said to help alleviate symptoms of colds, flus, stress, asthma, depression, inflammation, and more. Find these natural health promoters at Brooklyn-based morphologically.com, $15

Palermo Body Coffee & Lemon Body Scrub
Caffeine from coffee beens not only tastes and smells good, it firms and provides skin with greater elasticity, plus it promotes collagen. Use it and become smoother and more moisturized, too. palermobody.com, $44

3 CKO Kickboxing Classes and Gloves
Kicking boxing is so fun! Even if you’re bad it, you can do it and feel like a pro (and work the hell out of all your muscles) at CKO. Dot it at ckoparkslope.com, $20

3 NY Pole Dancing Classes
Pole dancing is no longer a spectator sport. Seriously. Learn to work your way up and down a pole, and get nice and strong while you’re at it at nypoledancing.com, $60


Asc Helvetius Astrological Oils

Each oil comes with a specific herb/fragrance blend chosen to echo the traits of each sign.  For example, Scorpio oil (pictured above) is Icy Wood, Mint and Spice, chosen to reflect the passionate and determined nature of this sign. Available here, $20


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