What to Get for Everyone: Gifts for Music Lovers

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Weyes Blood Front Row Seat to Earth LP
shop.mexicansummer.com, $18
There aren’t too many records that are indisputably beautiful, but we’d argue this is one of them. It falls in that special place on the venn diagram of things you, your parents, and your coworkers can listen to.

Pill T-shirt
shop.mexicansummer.com, $20
One of the best band logos around. It’s hand drawn, and glows in the dark.

Pill Convenience Cassette
shop.mexicansummer.com, $6
The new (totally old) alternative to vinyl: Casettes. Get this, and your T-shirt. The Political commentary and ghis album is dope.

Photographer Ebru Yildiz documents D.I.Y. music space Death by Audio
lastdaysofdeathbyaudio.com, $40
Do you ever find yourself in Williamsburg staring up at a glass condo, feeling kind of ill, straining to recall what it used to be like? All you need is this book to remember it all, which perfectly preserves the days of great show spaces along the water. In it, re-live the last 43 glorious and gritty days of Death by Audio that gave most of us tinnitus. R.I.P. Williamsburg B.C. (Before Condos).

Mitski mug and Coaster set
mitski.inktankmerch.com, $20
A mug to sip tea and remember when Mitski used to play venues the size of your living room. Also, top notch coasters to protect your Ikea coffee table.

Ballsmaster Germanium Booster Guitar Pedal
maindragmusic.com, $165
oscillationist tremolo, $175
A. All pedals sound the same B. No they don’t you idiot. If you chose B then this is for you.

Let’s Talk About Love 33 13 Series
amazon.com, $14
It’s hard to believe it’s almost been TWENTY years since this album came out. Like, how? But anyway, can we talk about it? This classic 33 1/3 discusses why it’s a good album to contemplate the end of taste.

Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator
ctrl-mod.com, $95
You may have seen the OP-1 Synthesizer by Teenage Engineering. It’s the sleek, white, and incredibly powerful, all in one synth the size of a small keyboard—pretty much what you would expect if Apple made synths instead of computers. The only problem is they are a tad pricey ($900). But now you can enjoy some of its features for a fraction of the cost. There are six operators with a designated specialties: bass, drum machine, lead, arcade, noise percussion, and live synth.

Drum Lessons Brooklyn Music Factory
brooklynmusicfactory.com, $198
Do you live in Brooklyn? Then you have to be in a band. IT IS THE LAW. So, if you haven’t started your band yet, get to it. The Music Factory offers drum lessons with excellent teachers (other instruments too)!

Bastl Instruments BitRanger mini synth
ctrl-mod.com, $259
The BitRanger is a patchable analog synth.

Pacific Tote Bag
shop.mexicansummer.com, $65
You know what are heavy? Records. So, might we suggest this heavy duty tote to tote your records around in? Or perhaps your small- to medium-sized dog?



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