What to Get for Everyone: Stocking Stuffers

stocking-stuffers_collage stocking

Bower Tipsy in coral and sage
bowernyc.com, $35

This paperweight will bring your desk to the next level. Whether at work or at home

Copper Dice Set
These days, we could all use a little luck. ironandglory.com, $30

Wild Medicine Soap (variety of styles)
The healing and cleansing powers of stones and crystals are incorporated into soaps at Wild Medicine and—also—they look awfully beautiful. wildmedicine.us, $22

Tattly Painted Plumage Set
Have you heard? Tattoos are so hot—even fake ones. Especially when they’re this pretty. tattly.com, $15

Neon Orange/Blue Tassel Keychain
Never lose sight of your keys again. Check out a number of gorgeous leather designs at 864design.com, $55

Stand-up Bottle Opener
We all need to drink a little more today. These pragmatic openers will help us get there faster. supergoodthing.com, $22

Slow & Low 84 Proof Rock And Rye In a A Can
Don’t waste time mixing your cocktail—get one pre-batched, and drink it out of this adorable little can. drinkslownadlow.com, $4

Stickup Sticks Magnets
Turns out, a good magnet is hard to find. But we all have refrigerators! And we need to decorate them. Do it with these. areaware.com, $10

Morphologically Room & Textile Sprays
This 100% pure essential oil spray in steel bottles from Brooklyn’s Morphologically can be applied to textiles, bed linens, clothing and—you know—the air. Spray it, feel better. Several refreshing scents are available. 
morphologically.com, $30


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