What to Get for Everyone: Fashion for Men

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GoCap-Keji Edition
In Brooklyn, we bike. Now your favorite dude can look even better while he’s at it. cieleathletics.com, $38

Knowlita Sweatshirt
I mean, amirite? knowlita.com, $75

Denim jacket, for looking nonchalant at all hours of the day
brooklyncloth.com, $60

Varsity Jogger Pants
We swear to god, you can wear sweatpants in public now—at least if they’re good-looking, like this pair from brooklyncloth.com, $40

In God We Trust ‘Treat Yo Self’ money clip
Fashion is not just about how you look, but how you feel. This clip (which will surely be filled with wads of cash) will help you get to that good place. ingodwetrustnyc.com, $50

Exploded Geo Test Block Pocket Tee
If you live in Brooklyn, your wardrobe is likely mostly black. This T-shirt will nudge back into the lighter world of color—tastefully so. brooklyncloth.com, $28

Vintage 67 T-Shirt
Iron and Glory has many understated, attractive goodies. This print shirt is just one of them. ironandglory.com, $24

Pack Man V10
Would you like your man to own the coolest sneakers ever made? Ok, get him these. gentrynyc.com, $135

Fleabags Rummage Duffel
Women do not have a monopoly on bags. This gorgeous duffle from Brooklyn’s Fleabag works for  the stylish man (or woman) in your life. fleabg.com, $270