What to Get for Everyone: Art




Brooklyn Bodega Cats X Valley Cruise by Sunny Eckerle
sunnyeckerle.com, $10

Brooklyn illustrator Sunny Eckerle has designed a series of pins that capture our beloved bodega cats. Each pin comes with a hand drawn background of the bodega with the cats name.

Pintrill Pins
For your any of your weird or highly specific interests, Pintrill has a pin for that. pintrill.com, $12–$30

Careless Pin by Clay Hickson
Now that weed is legal in Massachusetts and California, this is going to happen a lot more often. “Making the best of a bummer situation.” Available here along with a lot of bodacious prints. $8

Yellow natural dye
Add a little pop to your wardrobe with this all natural clothing dye. alrdyeing.com, $20

Heartell Press hand-carved woodblock prints
It’s not often that prints are made from hand carved woodblocks, but Rachel Kroh gives us that gift in the form of greeting cards—and they’re quite attractive. heartell-press.myshopify.com, $5

small bearhead light
If you could have a table lamp in the shape of a bear head, versus not have a table lamp in the shape of a bear head (with multiple colored lights to choose from!) we think the choice is clear. stillalivelights.com, $36

Lidded basket hand woven in Rwanda
Life is filled with “things” and all of those things need organization—but why not make the container that holds those things look great, too? leifshop.com, $48

Tickets to their current season
The Bushwick Starr has a great lineup of fantastic theater this season. Check it out, bring a friend. thebushwickstarr.org, $25

Resin vessels by artist Will Rose
Gifts that blur the line between art and design are fun because, these days, we need beauty wherever we can get it. h-j-g-s.com, $600

Hand-marbled coasters by Allison Connell
Don’t be a jerk and ruin that nice wooden table you just got: dress it up with these eye-popping coasters, and keep water-mark free. tictail.com, $15

2017 Zodiac Moon Calendar
These 12″ x 18″ calendars are designed and screen printed by Lena Hawkins. Keep track of the moon phases and the corresponding zodiac signs. Available in black and green here. $35


Hand Drawn ‘Portraits’ by Shane Butler
Shane Butler developed this beautiful drawing series during long car rides on tour. Each one is unique and custom made “in collaboration with lists of words & objects sent over to me.”
Check out the gallery and order one here. Prices vary.


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