Judgment day will soon be upon us. That’s right: November 8th is closer than ever (because, time), and Avengers, Buffy, and Firefly mastermind Joss Whedon is back at it again with his “Save The Day” PSA campaign. After previously coming at us with a massively star-studded message, this one includes only one of those stars (but it’s a great one): Keegan-Michael Key, of Key & Peele fame. Key is also in, you know, everything these days, but the thrill hasn’t lessened. The actor, who’s seen his own star rise quite a bit since the conclusion of the Comedy Central sketch show last year, has previously spoken on the topic during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and elsewhere (nice Penn State hat, dude) so this video comes as no surprise, and is, of course, quite funny.

In the satirical weather report, Key gives us an overview of current existential misery—”a heavy wave of denial coming in from both coasts”—that will come for us hard if the bad thing happens on the 8th. Let’s make sure that it doesn’t. Remember to vote, people.

Check the new video out below:


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