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Peeled Snacks, a BCorp,  makes organic, non-GMO verified fruit and vegetable snacks. Their purpose is to expand the snacking aisle to create snacks that make a positive impact on you and the environment.

We spoke to Brooklyn native Noha Waibsnaider, Peeled Snacks founder and CEO.


Please give us an overview of your organization
Our dried fruit snacks include mango, our new Peas Please, baked pea snacks that provide protein, fiber, iron and a full serving of veggies. They’re yummy, good for you, and good for the world. But yummy first.

How did you get started with this idea?
I worked at a large food company and was troubled by their version of “food.” I learned that most of our food was loaded with added sugar, preservatives, and chemicals. I knew people deserve better food than that! I wanted to take the mystery out of snacking. So I made a company to give everyone tasty and nourishing snacks they could feel good about eating. Twelve years later, Peeled Snacks are distributed nationally.

What is the purpose of this organization?
We make snacks that make you feel good about snacking. All of our snacks are organic, non-GMO verified, and provide a natural source of fiber and vitamins.

What are you proudest of?
We work with many farmers around the world and, because all our snacks are organic and non-GMO certified, we don’t expose the farmers or the land to toxic chemicals and pesticides. I don’t want to just be the best snack in the world, I want to be the best for the world—and we’re on our way.


How do you think you are different to your competitors?
We are committed to making positive social and environmental impact across our supply chain, which is why we’re a certified B-Corporation. B-Corporations are committed to considering their own impact on society and the environment in order to create long-term sustainable value for everyone. But none of that matters if the snacks aren’t delicious.  Ours are—and they set us apart.

What do your customers/community say about your organization that makes you happy?
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, especially on-the-go. I love it when people tell me our snacks gave them real energy when they needed it most or when they tell me they felt good snacking, knowing it was good for them and the environment. There’s nothing like people eating real food and really enjoying it—and knowing I was a part of making that happen.

What is your favorite story about your organization?
A few years ago, when we debuted a new snack, we wanted to get the word out in New York City in a big, fun way.  We filled a bunch of duffle bags with snacks and the whole team went to Manhattan’s Bryant Park, where thousands of people were gathered to watch a free outdoor viewing of Rocky. It was beautiful night, so the place was packed. Just as that classic Rocky theme started blasting from the speakers, we threw Peeled Snacks into the crowd. It took a moment—and only a moment—before the moviegoers caught on: free snacks! We threw 3,000 snacks into the lively crowd in about 60 seconds. For a moment, the skies were darkened with bags of organic mango. People went nuts! We set out to put the joy back into snacking, and that night it was easy to do.

What difference does being based in Brooklyn make?
Many of our employees live in Brooklyn, including me. We have a strong community of small food companies here, which makes living, working, and eating here a lot of fun. Peeled Snacks has been in Brooklyn since before it achieved its current cultural cachet, so it’s been very exciting to watch the once down-and-dirty borough become the coolest place in the country.

What are your plans for the future?
We’re launching new flavors of our Peas Please in a couple of months, with new snacks coming after. We’re excited for the future of snacking.

Where can people go to support your organization?
You can find Peeled Snacks online at or in Starbucks, Whole Foods, Hudson News, Amazon, and many natural food and grocery stores, including Park Slope Food Coop, Union Market, and Kim’s.

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