2016 may be one for the books for Mr. Zach Galifianakis. A few months back, the bearded comedian starred in his own FX series, Baskets, a bizarre and surreal take on an insane man on the path to becoming a clown, which just won Louie Anderson the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for playing the role of Galifianakis’ mother. Yep.

Now, on the heels of headlining a pair of new releases—Masterminds comes out on September 30, and Keeping Up With The Joneses drops a few weeks later on October 21—he’s revived his oddball Funny or Die interview mini-show, Between Two Ferns with a very special guest: HRC. In the spirit of a fun interview, Zach opens by showing up late and being tackled by her secret service detail, after slowly approaching the Democratic candidate for President wearing a skull mask, saying that he was “just trying to scare her.” Throughout the rest of the five minute interview, Clinton sardonically plays along with the eccentric jokester, and the results are quite enjoyable.

Of course, the series—whose previous editions have featured topical figures like Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, and Justin Bieber—is all around sublimely weird and funny, and has now provided another avenue for Hillary to prove exactly why she’s, oh, I don’t know, approximately 1000 times better than her opponent.

Brace yourself for your gut to bust a few times, and check out the video below:


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