A shining star on the 2016 television slate has been John Turturro, one of the most gifted American character actors for over 30 years, and a frequent collaborator with brilliant directors like The Coen Brothers, Spike Lee, and many more. He perhaps hit a career peak this year, taking on the lead role in HBO’s hit miniseries The Night Of. 

We’ve written at length before about both The Night Of as a series and Turturro’s masterful performance throughout the show’s eight episodes. So, now, the time has come to shift our attention to something much more important. Something that not only asks for your attention, but demands it. Of course, that is his hair. This is a bold move, one that supersedes any kind of trendy Brooklyn style (which we’ve also recently covered at length). Abe Schwadron, an editor for SLAM magazine, spotted that oh-so-famiilar face with a not-so-famiilar hair do this morning:

It’s fun to think that this is just how the eccentric performer chooses to look in his downtime. Why wouldn’t he? But, unfortunately, that thought must be fleeting. Turturro is currently at work on a film that he’s directing himself, titled Going Places, where he’s reprising his wildly-memorable role from the Coen Brothers 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, as insane bowler Jesus Quintana. It’s hard to imagine this get-up not having anything to do with that current occupation.

But nonetheless, it’s fun to see. Fish-out-of-water is certainly a played out genre and joke-style in sitcoms and movies, but it sure doesn’t mean it’s not funny. Check out that hair. Look at it. Then look at it again. Then one more time. Then just decompress and have a good, hearty laugh, because it definitely is worthy of it. And his ability to sport it so nonchalantly is just one more sign of his overall greatness.


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