Clockwise From Top: Hidden Eye, Ava Luna Serge Gainsbourg Zine,
Suffragette City, Ad Hoc.

AT A TIME when albums and reviews are available ad nauseam, it seems like the chance for spontaneous discovery is nearly extinct. Of course, this has always been integral to the music underground, and if you look hard enough, things are starting to crop up: Carson Cox, of the band Merchandise, has just released the first issue of Hidden Eye, pocket-sized eye candy made of art and thoughtful music interviews.


Gwynn Galitzer heads up the zine Suffragette City, which highlights and celebrates women; and music scene curators Ad Hoc have just announced they’ll transform their digital zines into playful large format newsprints. More small-run D.I.Y. publications continue to follow, like the wonderful version Ava Luna handed out during their Serge Gainsbourg cover show (which was more fabulous than you can imagine). It’s such a relief to know you can still find fresh material outside the glistening screen.  


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