What the Hell Was up with Kanye’s NYFW Show?

In case you missed it, Kanye West’s Yeezy season 4 NYFW show was yesterday, and it was really bad. In one of my favorite Kanye tweets ever, back in 2015, he went so far as to assure us that he doesn’t consider himself a designer. Why? He wasn’t allowed admission to arguably the most prestigious fashion school, Central Saint Martins, in London. 


And yet, against all odds, Ye has managed to make it to Season 4. That said, we kind of knew the show was going to be a little controversial from the start, when the casting call stipulated there be multiracial women only; this caused a stir on social media, and raised questions of racism against women with very light skin or very dark skin.

Next, he chose a park on the tip of Roosevelt Island (the forgotten NYC neighborhood) for the venue for his show. A September fashion week show outdoors with no air conditioning and limited transportation options? How did all those people arrive on time? I imagine a herd of tall, beautiful women smushed like sardines in the tram, flying above the East River. A true sight to behold.

Of course, the show did start late in the end, in true NYFW fashion. While the audience waited, The Life of Pablo was bumpin’. (But COME ON, YE, YOU PLAYED THAT SAME EXACT ALBUM AT YOUR LAST SHOW!) Still, those who didn’t make it (i.e., weren’t famous or important enough to be invited, i.e., me) to the show in person were able to stream it from the comfort of their air conditioned apartments, exclusively on Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming service, of course.

Okay, so as I was saying, the show started late. Like, two hours late. Then, disaster ensues. The models are struggling. After a possibly not eating for hours prior to the show, and the early September humidity, models started full-on passing out. Reportedly, an angel in the audience gave one of the struggling models water when no one from Yeezy stepped in to help a girl out. 

Also, Tyga’s video girl Amina Blue TOOK OFF HER HEELS mid walk, which is one of the most unheard of acts in the fashion week world. Anna Wintour probably saw this and cried. But let’s be real, given the circumstances, I can’t say I blame her.

Oh, and in other disastrous Kanye news, the rapper just announced Tyga is signed to his record label, G.O.O.D. Music, which is ironic given the fact that no one thinks Tyga’s music is actually good, other than Kylie Jenner maybe. I’m not sure what, exactly, is happening in fashion these days, or at least with Kanye, but I am about to pull an Amina Blue, take my shoes off, and call it a day.

Lead image via Twitter


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