Fans of Futura type font, symmetrical shots, and Bill Murray should be pleased with the schedule at Bushwick’s Syndicated this week, as the watering hole/eatery/cinema hybrid is holding a ‘Wes Anderson Week,’ screening the eccentric director’s films each night through Sunday.

Beginning tonight at 6:00, Syndicated will show Moonrise Kingdom, which will repeat at 8:15 and 10:30. Tomorrow night The Grand Budapest Hotel, an Oscar nominee a few years ago, will screen at the same three times. Bottle Rocket follows on Wednesday, while Jason Schwartzman’s debut performance in Rushmore plays at 7:00pm on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, Syndicated will have four screenings of The Royal Tenenbaums and three of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and the fun will wrap up on Sunday night with four showtimes of The Darjeeling Limited. All screenings will be prefaced by Hotel Chevalier, a 13-minute film Anderson directed that debuted in front of Darjeeling in 2007.

Tickets are only $3, and with the event happening at Syndicated, that means full food and drink service.

wes anderson syndicated

For the biggest Wes-heads, Tuesday night at 8:00 will also be ‘Wes Anderson Trivia Night,’ with drink specials and prizes for those who choose to participate.

So, fans of inventive, quirky movies, and seeing the same actors—Murray, Schwartzman, Owen and Luke Wilson, and Edward Norton, among others—multiple times over, this week is tailor-made for you.


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