Last night as part of Red Bull Music Academy’s RBMA radio live event in Los Angeles, PC Music hosted a special show called POP CITY at Create nightclub. Along with performances from PC Music members A.G. Cook, Danny L. Harle, QT, and Hannah Diamond, two of pop’s most innovative indie stars Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen, joined the electronic collective for exclusive performances.

When Charli XCX took the stage she was singing with A.G. Cook in the background, DJ-ing. Hannah Diamond then joined her on stage for an energetic performance of their collaborative track, “Paradise,” the mood set by blue ripples in pool water on the screens around the stage.

At the end of this YouTube clip, we hear Charli XCX hollering “You ready for this new shit?” That new song, “Bounce,” is distinctly different in tone than the longing and relaxed “Paradise,” with a bouncing beat with insistent, commanding singing. You can watch a clip of Charli perform it below.

Jepsen also performed new music, with some backup provided by Danny L. Harle. The new track is called “Supernatural” and is thematically similar to the songs on her masterful 2015 album E•MO•TION, but bears hallmarks of PC Music’s jittery style courtesy of Harle’s production leans a bit more electronic and techno than some of her other work. Watch the pair perform the new song below.


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