Vans Warped Tour, which has been going strong since 1995, kicked off this summer’s caravan in late June and will continue through August, but it looks like there’s a brand new vendor on tour with the traveling emo carnival this year–Rock For Life, a Virginia-based pro-life organization.

According to a blog post from back in May, the organization will be joining Warped Tour on 41 tour dates and first synced up with them on 6/24 in Dallas, Texas. As Breitbart reports, the organization will also appear at 17 other Christian music festivals this summer, but VWT is the only secular organization that has agreed to bring them on.

Rock For Life

Warped Tour themselves have not listed Rock For Life on their official sponsors page, and the group is a project of Students for Life of America (SFLA), which is a non-profit, so they are probably on the tour as a vendor. Warped Tour does not provide a full list of vendors that are on tour with them on their website. However, Rock For Life is also not listed on their provided non-profit organization page. I’ve reached out to Warped Tour for comment on their decision to include this organization–which has chosen a fetus playing a guitar as their logo (above) and routinely uses the phrase “All Lives Matter”–in their lineup this year.

Back in 2014, Wondering Sound (RIP) published a fantastic deep dive on Warped Tour’s Woman Problem, and a brief glance at their lineup this year reveals the same glaring disparity–not that they’re the only festival that consistently book a dearth of female performers. But, it does raise the question why a festival that puts so little effort into booking women to play their stages feels comfortable bringing along an organization that will eagerly tell their young teen audience members what to do with their bodies.
This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.


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